Boxer CRV Block II/sWaTrInf - The aggresive Wombat

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  • The Boxer armored vehicle project, initiated in 1993 by France and Germany, saw the UK join in 1996. After France’s exit in 1999, the Netherlands joined in 2001. The project produced twelve prototypes and introduced the “Boxer” name in 2002. The UK departed the project in 2003, while the Netherlands and Germany proceeded with orders of 200 and 272 vehicles, respectively, with the Dutch deliveries starting in 2013 and the first German Boxer delivered in 2009.

  • Officially known as the sWaTrInf (Schwerer Waffenträger Infanterie, standing for Heavy Weapon Carrier Infantry), the Boxer CRV Block II was procured to be bought together with the Boxer RCT 30 in order to fulfill the needs of the German army to replace the wiesel light armored weapon carrier, Block 2 has the addition of the Lance 2 turret seen on the Hungarian K41Lynx.


  • 360° Motion detection sensors
  • SEOSS 2 3rd gen thermals (gunner and commander)
  • Rosy smoke system
  • Engine MTU-8V-199-TE20, Providing 710 HP at 2300 RPM
  • IRST tracking device


  • 2x8 Rosy Smoke grenade system
  • x2 Spike LR2 launcher
  • 30 mm x 173 mm MK30-2 ABM (-10° +45)
  • Secondary armament 7.62 mm x 51 mm coaxial machine gun


  • Engine MTU-8V-199-TE20, Providing 710 HP at 2300 RPM
  • 103 km/h max speed , limited to 80 km/h , with a weight of 38,5 Tons
  • Transmission Allison model HD4070 with 7 gears forward and 3 reverse gears
  • Turning radius of 7.5m (Skid steering)

The boxer its equipped with armor capable of withstanding 14.5 mm machinegun fire from all directions or STANAG 4569 level 6. while measuring.

Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (turret roof) 3.24 m


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Boxer Armoured Vehicle — Details and Variants - Think Defence
Schwere Waffenträger Infanterie für die Mittleren Kräfte des Heeres genehmigt


+1 Gaijin Pls GIB

Of course. Give me more of that.


This is essentially the same version Australia purchased and are building?
Afaik Australia will also build some of the Boxers for the German army.

australian ones have differences over german ones mostly in systems and other stuff, for example this one dosent have seats for infantryman since it wasnt meant to carry infantry

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Not necessarily. This variant features the Lance 2 turret while the Australian one has the standard Lance turret.

during phase 2 australian one did use lance 2 turret but it didnt feature all the electronics this one has, mainly because the electronics the german army required were different


Do you plan on doing a suggestion for the Boxer with the Puma turret as well? I think it’s better because it gets MUSS, which will hopefully be fixed one day.

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That’s the one… We need a suggestion for the international forums though

Solid suggestion. A much needed vehicle as a researchable analog to the Lithuanian Vilkas. +1

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[Erster Schwerer Waffenträger Infanterie an die Bundeswehr übergeben]

The Bundeswehr is getting the Boxer with the aforementioned Lance turret, which in my opinion is also much more visually appealing. Of course, I would really like this vehicle to be added to the research tree. In general, I would like to welcome the Boxer family, something similar has been done with the Wiesel family in the past.