Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

An issue and limitation nontheless.
Sugarcoating doesn’t change anything.

I’d suggest the Mackensen class
Mackensen-class battlecruiser - Wikipedia
Ersatz-Yorck class
Imperial German Navy in World War I - Große Kruezer of the Ersatz Yorck- Class
Gneisenau with the 15" gun refit
Scharnhorst and Gneisenau with 15 inch guns - Axis History Forum

I would say that you are very unlikely to see anything above the level of H-39, H-40 at a very large push as the rest of the ships were never laid down and deemed infeasible for Germany at the time by the Kriegsmarine.

Equally to allow H-40 opens the floodgates for some very very powerful Royal Navy designs drawn up (and laid in some cases) to counter those designs in turn.

Germany is already in a very good place as the O class Grosse Kreuzer has been approved despite never being laid but my equal suggestions for the British Admiral class Heavy cruiser and the G3 project Battlecruiser were rejected.


Israel missing top tier spaa and and a complete light line up. lights is a huge deal a lot of nations are missing.

Same for japan until recently was missing a good high tier spaa, strictly speaking they still are missing a top tier one , because they didnt want the ARH missle yet

dead for top tier yes, i mostly care about the higher gameplay tier which are the most intresting and bring the most problems for each nation in the game, a new nations cant be purely ww2 focused. Most players are intrested and new players get attracted because of the most modern additions

added 👍
What about the Grosse Kreuzer?

I agree that they have these gaps you mention, but that which one nation can’t provide, given that the nation cannot get a fifth line for their tree, can be provided by a sub-tree.
Yes, perhaps some gaps will remain even with a sub-tree, but that can also be solved by single foreign vehicles, such as how Sweden had a few Finnish gap fillers before receiving a sub-tree.
Japan has several options and Israel could easily have Chile, which would be a great solution for Israel.

Top tier German aviation is arguably more restricted than some other nations of general similar capability, but with trialed aircraft this can still be remedied as well as with single foreign aircraft like I mentioned previously.
What’s the point of a adding a full sub-tree for just this small area of a single rank?

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O class Grosse Kreuzer (excuse my lack of Ezsett) although I’m not sure if they’re Grosse Kreuzer or Schlachtkreuzer (my German is only like B1).

O class post

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yeah i have no idea what these mean lol

never said full sub tree, general representation of other nations work just as well like switz f/a 18 as example, but many consider those cases already “sub trees” in those cases even if they arent quite ones.
And yeah trialed vehicles would work as well, gajin just needs to do them just like F16-AJ at least they existed as well and were flewn, some even with german camo as well

yes but those solution will need a long time until implemented and wont help any new nation on release, it might be years of suffering until a “new nation” would get those fixes


Basically means battlecruiser

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Schlachtkreuzer just sounds to me liek Schlatt (a youtuber lol) kruzer (even though i took a course of german in uni)

J-schlatt i’ve heard of.

Schlacht means Battle, Kreuzer is self-explanatory and means cruiser.

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Perhaps the full sub-tree solution isn’t something you advocate for then, which I appreciate.
The main point was about not needing a sub-tree for me and having foreign stuff as a last resort.
I understand the relatively controversial nature of trialed vehicles, but as gap fillers I think they’re fine.

Graf Spee 1941 and 1944

There is only 1939 in the game

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Admiral sheer (1934)

lützow (1939)

lützow (1913)

It’s in the tab for this ship.

SMS Moltke (1911-1912)

SMS Seydlitz (1912)


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Project 1047 Class Battlecruiser from the Netherlands but based on Scharnhorst class
(might be rejected as they never finalised out the anti-torpedo defence system as the Germans wouldn’t hand them over to the dutch).

the naval rules for implementation are that at least the keel had to be laid, if i got the thermology right


That is correct

Yep or a significant module built (hence the O class battlecruisers who got through on a single engine being built).

The issue is more than the plans are incomplete. above the waterline was finished but the dutch wanted scharnhorsts anti-torpedo protection systems and the germans refused to share it. they tried to come up with their own but germany invaded before they finished.

depends then, gajin might either add it with the protection system or none at all