(WiP) List of US Built Late Cold War through Modern (1980-Present) Ground Vehicles, Possible Additions


Hello, I had originally made a list of US vehicles on the old forums. So, I’ve decided to redo said list on the new forums using a different format and style. Rather than just including all vehicles, even those that are already in game. This will only include those that could be added to the game. Also, it will be broken up into separate topics, Interwar-WW2(1919-1945), Cold War(1946-1979), and then Late Cold War - Modern (1980-Present). I’m also taking a bit of inspiration from @Stuhlfleisch 's posts on German vehicles.

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This list is a Work In Progress. If you think I’ve missed a specific vehicle, PM me or respond to the topic

Light Tanks

Armored Cars

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Self Propelled Gun/Howitzer Motor Carriages

Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns

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