(WiP) List of US Built Interwar through World War 2 (1919-1945) Ground Vehicles, Possible Additions


Hello, I had originally made a list of US vehicles on the old forums. So, I’ve decided to redo said list on the new forums using a different format and style. Rather than just including all vehicles, even those that are already in game. This will only include those that could be added to the game. Also, it will be broken up into separate topics, Interwar-WW2(1919-1945), Cold War(1946-1979), and then Late Cold War - Modern (1980-Present). I’m also taking a bit of inspiration from @Stuhlfleisch 's posts on German vehicles.

The original List of US Ground vehicles on the old Forum

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This list is a Work In Progress. If you think I’ve missed a specific vehicle, PM me or respond to the topic

Light Tanks

Light Tank M2 Series

Light Tank M2A1 : 1935, 19 Built

M2A1 Light Tank

Light Tank M2A3 : 1938, 73 Built

M2A3 Light Tank

Light Tank M3 Stuart Series

M3 Stuart II : June 1941, 1285 Built

M3 Stuart Mid

M3 Stuart Hybrid : Late 1941-1942, N/A # Built


Light Tank M5 Stuart Series

M5 Stuart VI : April 1942, 2075 Built

M5 Stuart VI

Prototype Light Tanks

Light Tank T7 : January 1942, 1 Built

Light Tank T7 Pilot

Light Tank T7E2 : January 1942, 1 Built

Light Tank T7E2 Pilot

Light Tank T7E5 : August 1942, 7 Built

M7 Light Tank T7E5

Armored Cars

Medium Tanks

Medium Tank M2 Series

Medium Tank M2A1 : December 1940, 94 Built

M2A1 Medium Tank

Medium Tank M3 Lee/Grant Series

Medium Tank M3A1 Lee II : January 1942, 300 Built (Cast Hull)


Medium Tank M3A2 Lee III : January 1942, 12 Built (Welded Hull)

Medium Tank M3A2

Medium Tank M3A3 Lee V : March 1942, 322 Built (GM 6046 Twin Diesel, Welded Hull)

M3A3 Medium Tank

Medium Tank M3A4 Lee VI : June 1942, 109 Built (Chrysler A-57, Riveted Hull)


Medium Tank M3A5 Grant II : January 1942, 591 Built (GM 6046 Twin Diesel, Riveted Hull)

M3A5 Medium Tank

Note: Any version of the Medium Tank M3 series could be upgraded to 75mm Gun M3, as seen in the M3A4 picture.

Medium Tank M4 Sherman Series

Medium Tank M4 Sherman (Early-Mid Production) : July 1942, 4772 Built

M4 Sherman Early-Mid

Medium Tank M4 (105) : February 1944, 800 Built

M4 105mm Sherman

Medium Tank M4 (105) HVSS : September 1944, 841 Built

Unable to find Verifiable picture at the moment, will upload as soon as I find one.

Medium Tank M4 Composite "Sherman Hybrid" 75 : August 1943, 1976 Built

M4 Sherman Hybrid

Medium Tank M4A1 Large Hatch (75) Dry : December 1943, 100 Built

Unable to find decent period image at the moment, will add when able to

Medium Tank M4A1 (76)W HVSS : January 1945, 1255 Built

M4A1 76W HVSS psc_large45

Prototype Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Self Propelled Gun/Howitzer Motor Carriages

Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns


for self propelled add the M7 priest, there were three variants made based off the M3 Lee chassis. the M7 of which there were 3489 built, the M7B1 826 built and the M7B2 which were converted M7B1’s which had the smallest at 127 considering this machines involvement throughout WW2 and into the korean war im surprised it hasn’t been added yet

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It will definitely be added to this list thread. However, its likely when the suggestion section opens back up to new suggestions, those may need to be suggested again, unless they’d already been forwarded to the devs for consideration.

im bored out of my mind today expect me to be replying quite a bit so this is just the start, I really enjoy reading about WW2 especially the vehicles

just to to explain the M7B1 was based on the Sherman hull while the original M7’s were modified M3 hulls
theres also the T51 which are M7 priest modified to carry a 25pdr instead of the howitzer

Thanks for the info, I can probably look up through Hunnicutt’s or other books I have for pictures. Having a challenge finding a pic for the M4A1 Large Hatch 75 model… There were apparently 100 built, that were converted to DD versions.

DD are the amphibious correct?

also for the M2 light tanks their was apparently an AT variant made which removed the turret and added a 47mm autocannon but i cant find a picture

Medium tank T23E3. I hope the torsion bar version is added, just to be different from the T20. The T23 turret was eventually added to the M4 hull for the 76mm gun.


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I’d love a T23 but I honestly don’t want one of the later suspension versions. They are heavier and it would just lead to similar mobility to the T25. Besides, the basic T23 has VVSS while the T20 has early HVSS, so you don’t even need to go into the T23E series to find a different suspension from the T20.

That aside… there’s also the whole issue where the T25 has a god awful garbage transmission, and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that Gaijin will copy paste as much as possible even when they shouldn’t (the M6A2E1 and T1E1 both have modified M6A1 transmissions in-game).

On a side note, Hunnicut’s book on US WW2 medium tanks mentions an M4 with a reversible transmission.

From what I’ve managed to scrape together, it is one of the M4E6s, specifically serial number 30253, registration number 3038783, which alongside SN 30263 (another M4E6) was sent to Fort Knox and modified with early HVSS suspension and equipped with this new transmission, among other changes including increasing its final drive gear ratio to that of the M4A3E2.


A problem noted early in the career of the Sherman was its low speed in reverse. The gear ratio required for adequate hill climbing in reverse produced an agonizingly slow speed if the tank had to withdraw while under fire. In April 1943, the Ordnance Committee recommended the construction of six tanks with a reduced reverse gear ratio. However, the engineering tests revealed that although the reverse speed was increased, the climbing ability in that direction was unsatisfactory. The best solution was the installation of a planetary gear box which could reverse the entire transmission permitting operation at all five gear ratios. This gear box transmitted the power without any speed change in the forward direction. In reverse, the gear ratio was slightly increased. For example, if the maximum forward speed was 24 miles/hour, the reverse speed in the same gear was 21 miles/hour.
The high speed reverse transmission also included a new low level oiling system which reduced the oil capacity from 43 to 20 gallons. The operating temperature was greatly decreased and an additional 25 horsepower was transmitted to the sprockets. The new transmission used most of the parts from the standard unit and was completely interchangeable. Installation required the moving of the generator and electrical wiring. Also, the propeller shaft had to be shortened by 5 inches. The latter was an improvement since it reduced the shaft deflection and hence, bearing loads.
On 30 April 1944, OCM 23548 recommended the use of the high speed reverse and low level oil system but tests at Fort Knox were not complete until about a year later. In late 1944, the Armored Board received a 76mm gun M4 equipped with the new transmission. This vehicle, registration number 3038783, was one of the seven pilot tanks built at Detroit to serve as prototypes for the “Ultimate” Sherman. After tests, the Armored Board concluded that the high speed reverse transmission was far superior to the standard unit and recommended its adoption without delay for all tanks of the M4 series. Unfortunately, time had run out and the war was over before it could be introduced.
The M4 tested with the high speed reverse at Fort Knox also was fitted with final drives having a higher gear ratio of 3.36:1 compared to the standard 2.84:1. These were the final drives gears from the heavier assault tank M4A3E2. The Armored Board tests showed that although the speed on a level surface was reduced, the cross-country performance was greatly improved. Their report recommended this final drive ratio to be adopted for all production M4s, M4A1s and M32 tank recovery vehicles. The change was not recommended for the M4A3 because of its normal higher performance. Like the high speed reverse, hostilities ended before this feature was available.

M4 high speed reverse
(Image from Pullman M4A2(75)s and M4(75)s, arrows are pointing to the early HVSS bogies)

My hands hurt from having to manually type all of that.

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This is a neat site that has more info on the “Ultimate Sherman” tests that were conducted.

Two-plane stabilizers, anti-HEAT composite side armor, concentric recoil system for the 76mm gun that allowed a coaxial .50 to be included in addition to the existing .30, some big-ass engines, and an infrared lamp/sight system for the driver.


I think you posted in the wrong thread.