Winter Extreme Event

is there any way to make events in general easier i never grinded crafting events so idk if they were hard or not but these score points events are such pain ik i shouoldn’t cry and Just cope but this feels Like a job not a game a lot of times i procrasinate the event just be cause it’s not fun,and no it’s not an option when the event can relief you from spending insane amount of Money on over priced Premium packs that will help you grind

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For ground I usually use low BR event vehicles and sealclub without shame(or just play normally if I have something to grind)
For air I take jet and bomb bases in RB or sim.


They can make it easier, but they won’t.

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i mean 30k points for ground and 35k for air makes sense man and for navy even less since it’s dead

For air, the easiest is to take any aircraft with ground attack weapons into ASB and hit ground targets like bases and AFs. The 3x multiplier means you can finish it in an hour easily.

Im not doing naval this time, but did for the Renown. I just did a combination of jumping between ships to spade them or jumping into the Belfast to farm out a load of SLs. The event was more coincidental. I dont think there is an “easy” way to do naval, other than just playing the gamemode. Annoyingly, naval EC was excluded.

Ground I have no idea. I’ve never done it. Im guessing its the same, find something you enjoy playing and just grind it out. If you are doing something else at the same time, like spading tanks or working towards unlocking the next tank, then maybe it wont be quite so bad,

What are you talking scharnchortem I did in 2 battles 20k points, and it is not dead

Pretty sure it’s 40k for all of them, which I would deem to be pretty demanding, especially during the holidays.

Yeah, even at the best of times, 40k is too high. Should be about 10-15k per day max. So with 2 day intervals it should be no higher than 20-30k. They could and should have also extended this event over the holidays so that you have say the next week to do 2 tokens. More time for each and both can be done in one shot.

Think 20k is plenty instead of 40k, but Gaijin wants to pretend these vehicles need to exclusive and rare because ‘reasons’.

Yeah, the threshold is high enough that you are semi-forced to spend money to buy the tokens. They should be F2P fun, but they aren’t

They are all labeled 40k, but naval comes basically with a x2 multi, it is more like 20.000.

I play ground arcade extremely aggressively and get 2-3k score on most matches which means 10 battles per day is enough for me.

Air is a bit more painful, i either try to maximize my score by bombing bases with rockets, or i try to play fun planes for less score if i don’t have the energy for getting shot down in my flareless f-4C.

So at the same time i grind both ground and air.

Sounds like you’re doing it in top tier as Russia or something. How did you get 20k points in one match?

It’s easy to get 0 kills in a coastal match for 300 match points x1.9 wow sign me up for a fun grind.

Follow your plan, skipper…

There were so many discussions about that and Gaijin straight up ignores them. This used to be casual event :/

I wish the survey was not limited to 1 thing, because events were my 2nd on the list. First is Air RB rework/new mod.

I suppose they just expect people to budget their time and pick the reward to try to get for the event. People that have grinded more and deeper into trees will have a simpler time.

i honestly love when the grind is hard it makes you appreciate the reward

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Depends on the reward. I grinded the marineflieger and it was a piece of shit, sadly. Atleast the jet looks cool but that’s it.

Some years ago i grinded the f-4f early, it opened my doors to jets. Sadly no flares at 10.3 sucks. Atleast it was fast.

I wish i had grinded the qn506, i guess i’m going to sell the vilkas of this event to get the 506, its special. Something made for me.

Sturmtiger? Absolutely worth the grind and appreciate the tank.

I work full time but have three weeks off. I have no friends. I can’t wait to get my special planes

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