Winter Extreme Event

I’m doing ground right now and I already know I won’t be getting that Vilkas in the end purely because the event also runs right during the holidays. As an oldish coot, I can’t justify sitting there for an hour or two to grind out each star during the holidays.

Air: i am just using my f105 and bombing bases in sim. Each base is like 500 score and sim is 3x. I can bomb 2 bases per run so i am getting about 3k score per bombing run.

Ground: i am switching between 2 line ups rn in rb. Abrams+a7 and mig23+t80bvm+ka50.

Naval: not sure of a good way to do this. I have just been going into rb and using a ship that i think will do good. I have been sticking to around 4.3-5.0 br

Then pay for it. You likely have the money if not time. Some vehicles drop to just 35 bucks after the event.

Have Rank VII / VIII vehicles

Ground - have a full lineup

Air - Base pound

Naval - Bad

There is no way to naval, and I’m doing that right now. Either you get really lucky for like 5 games straight in a BB or BC and ammorack everything you look at, or you farm DDs in a light cruiser or another DD or something. It’s ehhh all around tbh.

Must be nice to have all these tools. I have been having a hell of a time. Most of my spaded lineups are in Tier 3. Definitely marching uphill.

Sure, I can do that - but at the same time, sometimes I kinda don’t want to give the snail my money…

Yeah, thats basically what I did. Light cruiser farmed the bots

After all the time i have put into this game, these events can still be a struggle. I am tempted to see if it might be easier to do the ground task with some low rank event tanks.

I feel for those who dont have a lot of high tier stuff for these events. I still think they should recycle some event vehicles so that there is less pressure to complete them and if you already have the vehicle, you can relax and have a nice break from grinding.

I don’t understand how this is toxic. If you are an adult and can’t spare couple hours a day, then paying 35 bucks is a better option and allows you to manage your time. They are availabe for money. You can’t really give high tier vehicles for people who refuse to pay and can’t spend couple hours a day to play the game. And if you as an adult don’t have 35 bucks to spare then i wish the best for you. I understand that if life was perfect war thunder would be a charity but it is a business and the developers need their money to pay for their lives too. If its not for you then its not for you.

The challenge is good, but people have to play 120k points on Christmas Eve and Christmas. It’s insane.

Actually you need only 8 stars for the vehicles. You can skip christmas eve and christmas. I have a lot of free time now and i am glad that this event was organized during the holidays.

Ok and what do you do on New Years Eve and New Years?

Feel free to skip those too. Like i said, you only need 8 stars. 2 days is 1 star.

Right, now you have no room for error, nor any room for spontaneous events during holiday season.

Exactly. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Also if i remember right, one star was 10 bucks. I see that as room for error.

Per vehicle.

Yes, it does appear reasonable. Its not reasonable to cut down the cost of stars because 1% of people may have an ‘‘unexpected situation’’. Majority of people aren’t even trying to grind all the vehicles as thats alone an extreme challenge. Sometimes life gets at you and you have to bite the bullet.

What’s unreasonable is this stuff is accessible by playing low tier vehicles. It is dangled, yet there is a huge penalty for grinding in lower ranks. Why can’t there be a penalty for people with high ranks so they stay out of low ranks, if that’s the motivating factor?

I don’t like the idea of pushing large amount of highly skilled people into combatting noobs with op meta tanks.