Wing overload

It’s normal that when my wing breaks off in Rb game mode, the game punishes me for 5 minutes! But if someone just quits the game, or just waits at the spawn point, during the whole game, why isn’t that punished? because we might lose the battle because of him!?

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If I knew that I wouldn’t get a crew lock if I took off my wings, it would be tempting to use this option to override the crew lock.

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Ripping your wings causes a death and the option to j out. At this point quitting the battle without j out causes a crew lock. First j out and you are fine.

This won’t bypass crew lock unless [x] time has passed in the match.

Better question is why is wing overload modeled while sustained high G pulls aren’t modeled to melt the pilot’s brain?

Certain planes are punished while others are free to abuse War Thunder’s arcade flight mechanics.

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