Wind in game

Noticed growth swinging in the wind, so does that affect planes and projectiles, or it’s still just cosmetics?

As far as I’m aware it does.

its just cosmetics to be more immersive experience. Drop is a factor but there are no wind adjustments currently in the game.

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Absolutely no effect, you can check it in a test flight by selecting storm weather, you will have no visibility, rain and pseudo wind but the performance of the plane will not be affected


Try overheating your engine
There’s a difference but it’s very subtle.

It is so subtle that i didn’t even notice, thanks for the info

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Can you imagine playing Air RB or SB and there is a huge draft wile you are taking off causing your plane to barrel over and crash?

I imagine few WT players would be able to get airborne in a crosswind with a tail dragger. Even with Instructor doing its best.

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Doesn’t happen. Not even in storms this would happen unless you’re flying into a tornado, hurricane, whirlwind, etc. But even then you still have a chance of surviving.

Can I get in game in flight Wi-Fi and a large Gin and Tonic like I do on Emirates please. I’m willing to pay the extra GE.

Seems like you’ve already had a few.


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