Will xbox players be compensated

Since Xbox is having issues today (approximately 2:30 ish est) will those affected be compensated?
EDIT: by compensation I’m referring to active premium time etc.
Screenshot 2024-07-02 4.06.50 PM

I do not see why. It’s an issue related to Microsoft only. The snail has no fault.


Yea because customer service is totally unknown to the snail.

And good of youi to ignore that since at least thursday we have had extreme server issues on PC as well.

you have? I haven’t heard anything about that.

I was in a 40 minute queue for a amtch where in the end 1 person could spawn… I literally cleaned my entire flat, went shopping and cooked three meals all for 5 games 1 of which I could actually play.

The CIS split is almost certainly the cause and Gaijin does not even say anything.

huh, I didn’t even know that that was happening.

I think that those are two different issues: the one of the OP is exclusively related to the Xbox network. Currently, we cannot sign-in in our Xbox account and, as a result, we cannot play any game. The one you’re referring to is a war thunder server related issue. That lucky I did not experience

Yea my point is about gaijns reaction, to which both examples apply perfectly fine. Because there will be no reaction

Gaijin isn’t going to compensate an issue for XBox, and even if they were it wouldn’t be a with premium time - if anything you could expect a “I was locked out of Xbox for 48 hours and all I got was this lousy decal” decal.

I have not had any issues with servers but I play once a day and only play sim, where there are no queues - my suggestion would be to play sim, because there’s no queues there, you just pick your room and go play.

I said that already. Stop repeating what i said

I am also saying that any other developer would reimburse you. ANY OTHER. Even EA does

Just Gaijin does not. Gaijin will pocket the money the get from Microsoft for breech of contract and move on

Yea that is a stupid suggestion. I am here for Ground RB. Thats it. I hate the new sim it is inferiour to the old ground sim in every possible way
Might as well suggest I play LoL, WoT or Assasins creed.

its not a server issue all Xbox players (at least in the US and CANADA as far as I have seen) are completely unable to login or play any games.

I’m going to call a GIANT BS on “Any other developer” and especially EA. And even more especially for a completely unrelated outage… If Google.com goes down Microsoft Bing isn’t going to give me free access to O365 copilot… makes zero sense.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Well then just google it.
They do that stuff like every 3 months, it is normal buisness praxis. Stop living in the WT bubble.

Yeah I was referring to Baum’s issue in the second half - I see the outage on xbox and I find it entertaining they claim “Game Services” are “UP” but no one can sign in so… lol


I’m mean they aren’t wrong I could hop on the Battlefield 4 campaign rn cause you don’t need to login for that but that’s a rare example

You should show solid proof since you made the claim. A.K.A. Pics or it didn’t happen.

No. Thats not how it works. My claim is a general one with EA as a specific instance. If he has doubts he has to find stuf to disprove me., That is how burden of proof works in a discussion.

You made the claim you prove it. That is exactly how it works. You prove that you are right, otherwise you are just a liar.

No that is not how it works.
Go educate yourself on how discussion work mate.
I make a point and gave initial proof. If he is not sastisfied he has to first disprove my initial claim simple as that.
So he has to proof that EA does not give out compensation

He made the claim “I call bullshit on that” e.g. he says they never give any compensation. Which has less proof than my claim therefore he has to proof his claim

You gave no proof. You made a claim that EA does with no proof. That is beside the point that you said “I am also saying that any other developer would reimburse you. ANY OTHER.” as well with no proof.