Will the prefix IJN ever be removed from the rest of the Imperial Japanese ships, & Will JMSDF prefixes be added for the rest of the post war ships?


It has always bugged me that all Imperial Japanese ships bar two (the Chidori class Torpedo Boat & Hiburi/Mikura class Kaibōkan) still have their ahistorical prefix IJN attached to them (it’s a surprise that Pre/WWI ships in game don’t carry HIJMS prefix yet that’s also ahistorical).

It had been reported a few times on the old forum yet never went anywhere similar iirc on the newer reporting area it was acknowledged yet again never went anywhere.

It’s strange to me that it was essentially around the German Cruiser Nürnberg devblog back in 2019 that the ahistorical prefix KMS was removed from the game for the Cruisers Köln & Emden as well yet Imperial Japanese ships were never touched, (the German prefixes being removed might be down to the few comments on said devblog with a mod forwarding it to the devs).

In a similar vane quite a few post war Japanese ships don’t carry their prefixes only three destroyers carry JDS but the four other destroyer escorts are missing said prefix even through reading up on them they all carry said prefix.

So what’s everyones elses thoughts on this subject, Not the usual topic to probably discuss in this section but it does cater to the machinery.