Wiesel 1 MELLS -The new killer Wiesel

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The Wiesel 1 MELLS is another Weapon System that has been mounted on the small killer vehicle,

In this case it is the MELLS system that shoots Spikes and is supposed to replace older missle systems. This becomes a more relevant matter with the first F&F vehicles getting added.

I think the Wiesel 1 MELLS would fit nicely behind the Wiesel 1A2 and would replace it as the new top tier tank destroyer.


Development started in 1973 the Wiesels job was the use as an air-transportable light vehicle for the airborne troops, this new vehicle was supposed to replace the Kraka vehicle, fit in the most common Nato transport planes, and be able to fight both infantry and other tanks.

The vehicle devloped by Porsche went trough multiple development phases in the years, but germany at first decided to drop the development in 1979 because of a lack of funds. But Porsche decided to continue development on this vehicle cause of the intrest of other nations. But already 2 years later the german army realised that the Kraka needed to be replaced and Porsche was able to show of a prototype with a TOW launcher

As a result a new commission with TOW and MK20 armament started.

Finaly at the end of 1988 the german army ordered 343 vehicles, 210 TOW variants and 133 MK20 variants.

Since then the Wiesel family steadily grew with anti air/mortar variants as well as scouting, commando, first aid and many more variants.

Now the Wiesel 1 Mells is the newest member of this family as a way to replace the old TOW system


Moblity,Dimensions and Armor

Emtpy weight without weapon system mounted: 1960Kg

Combat weight: 2500-3300Kg

Lenght: 3310mm

Width: 1820mm

Height: 2,1m

Clearance: c.a. 300mm,depending on load

Operational range: 286km

Speed: 80 Kph

Armor: Protection against splinter and 7.62mm non-AP ammunition (In other words-Basically nonexistant)

Armor material: RHA

Suspension: 4 roadwheels+ 1Return roller,Torsion bar suspension

Brakes: 2-Circuit hydraulic brake

Fording capability: up to 500mm

Climbing ability: 60% slope


5-Cylinder 4-Stroke Turbodiesel (Made by VW)

Power: 64KW (87hp)/4500RPM,195Nm/1900RPM

Compression: 19:1

Displacement 2461cm³

Cooling Water

Bore/Stroke 81mm/95.5mm


Hydromechanic transmission type 3HP-22

Gears 3 Forward,1 Reverse


The Missle of the MELLS system is 1,2m long weights 13,2kg has a maximum range of 4000m and uses a combination of IR and daylight Seekerhead.

The Wiesel is able to take a total of 7 Missles with itself.

Furthermore the capacity might be able to be increased to 8 Missles with the same holder on the side that the tow missles use.


https://www.bundeswehr.de/de/ausruestung-technik-bundeswehr/landsysteme-bundeswehr/waffentraeger-wiesel-1-mells#:~:text=Der Waffenträger Wiesel 1 MELLS ist ein geländegängiges Vollkettenfahrzeug.,von 1%2C2 Metern überschreiten.



Throw some bushes on this thing and you have become the most overpowered tank deletion machine in the entire game. I love it. +1


While i would hope that, the implementation of the QN506 and the Spikes of the Freccia make me thing that it wont be as strong, but definitly an upgrade to the current Wiesel which got hit hard by the recent ATGM changes as well


You have a point. FnF missiles seem to be a bit wonky right now. Hopefully that gets fixed.

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Especially since the Spike-ATGM got introduced with the Freccia, I see no point why it shouldnt be either refitted or added as a new Vehicle.

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With how gaijin has been testing ground launched self tracking missiles I wouldn’t be surprised to see this added

Small tank? check
High mobility? Check
Allready in game but with other weopons? Check
has FnF ATGM`s? Check
Gaijin, WE NEED IT, NOW!!


Gaijin i´m a Wiesel enjoyer.
and i need that thing in war thunder!!!


we need it because its a wiesel and wiesels are cute

i just wish they fix the stingers on ozelot and make the pentration correct for DM63 on wiesel 1a4 since all the documents i could find say it can penetrate 60mm at 1000 meters, not 60mm at 100 meters

I need this thing in my life


I cant wait to see this… Would be awesome. We have spikes in game, so… everything is ready for this wiesel.

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we need this ,we dont get any new RANK6~8 TD in 2023

anyything that can be rammed to death is a +1
Will i succeed? probably not but i’ll still die trying

Any official news? It considered?

Gaijin has only posted this

Which is obviously just because of april fools and they haven’t posted anything else so far
Maybe they’ll mention it later, forgot or simply taking a break

Well there’s a euphemism I haven’t seen before.


+1, we need more Wiesels. Easily some of the most fun high tier vehicles.