Why ZLT11 at this BR?

Why ZLT11 worth 9.7? Look at those m1128 striker at 9.3 with M900! Even the type 16 has a much better survivalbility than the ZLT11!

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Striker is 10.0

Then check it in arcade

Ah, arcade. WHo cares about arcade and its br placements?


and type16? It’s better than ZLT11 at all aspects

ZLT has better round and HE-VT (and well atgm, but its doesnt matter that much)

Seriously? Taller than the Maus and 1 degree depression less than the type 16, I have played both of them, in fact I have complete all the nation’s tech tree.

Arcade has a better search rate overall, even I am not prefer it, but still the research rate is much faster than the realistic

I mean the average time for arcade is much faster than the realistic, but the research rate in percentage as their shown are exactly the same, so I can do more kill and recieve more RP

Wrong reply I clicked, sorry. Don’t really understand the composing after they’ve changed the forum

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Will you use the HE-VT when the turret are unable to chase up with the incoming heli? Btw ZLT runs even slower than many MBT, and it’s no commander override, that’s critical.

I play AB too, and before the last battle rating updates, one of my favorite lineups was the ZTZ96, ZLT11, and CM11, an excellent 9.3 lineup. Now the ZLT11 has gone up, and the only real choice I have to replace it is the PTL02. What I am wondering too though, is why did it go up? The M1128 has a smaller profile, unmanned turret, autoloader (meaning you don’t need to worry about the reload if a crew member is knocked out), better reverse speed, and generally has similar capabilities to the ZLT11 with the exception of the proximity HE round and GLATGM.

I already thought the only thing making the ZLT11 9.3 was its DTW2-105 round, and that otherwise it really wasn’t anything too special, given its massive size, rather poor reload time, horrid reverse speed that still hasn’t been fixed, and inferior turning radius, not helped by the vehicle’s size.

Either make them both 9.3, or move up the M1128 to 9.7 like the ZLT11 is, because I see no reason to bring out the ZLT11 now that it has no lineup and no real advantage over a vehicle .4 battle rating below it.

Don’t forget M1128 got the M900, which is at least 30mm more pen than the DTW2. M1128 has higher penetration (522mm vs. 491mm), but lower br.

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