Why was only the M48 A2 G A2 moved up but the better Magach 5 stayed at 8.0

These are more or less the same tanks except the magach 5 has even ERA on the hull and turret. Both have the same cannon and ammo.

M48 A2 G A2 should be at least the same br or even lower due to not having era, but instead the Magach 5 is lower


Half of these br changes are badly implemented again

Will be there more br updates with these huge chances?

israeli bias?

Probably not, more likely just another chapter in the painful existence the M48A2GA2 has experienced in war thunder, it was first added at 8.0 with the same ammo as the leopard 1 and performed badly so it was moved down to 7.7, then they gave it apfsds and moved it to 8.3 and once again performed badly and was moved down to 8.0, and now because of the br changes it’s 8.3 again, something tells me history might repeat itself.


they really did just make a tree wide .3 br increase…
the leo 2av and PUMA are now 10.0 ffs.
gime my PUMA its SPIKEs

And because it was tech tree wide everything is still the same BR relative to everything else, even if the number is different. So nothing changed.

except now CAS is stronger because air didnt get the BR increase (only about 15 -20 planes got it)

The fact that the Leopard 2AV is now 10.0 while the T-72 is still at 9.3 is just mind boggling. It’s now the same BR as the Ariete prototype, which gets a faster reload, 120mm DM33 and a thermal sight.

Or the Leopard A1A1 which is now the only 9.0 in the entire regular German tech tree yet is straight up worse than the OF-40 in every way, not least of which because it lacks a LRF. Move it back to 8.7 or at least give it DM33.

And don’t even get me started on the Puma…

SPIKE PUMA will come, and will be 10.7+.
CAS is not stronger, because SPAA stayed the same BR.
CAS is only as strong as the SPAA & fighters available, and SPAA & fighters remained the same BR.


M48A2 fires DM23 with an 822HP engine.
Magach 5 also fires DM23, but weighs more due to said ERA with a 716HP engine.
The movement bonus of GA2 might be enough to put it 0.3 higher than Magach 5.

T-72A can be lolpenned by DM33, which is at 9.0 & 9.3 as a round.
Of which 3BM22 is on-par with DM23 at 9.3, on a slower vehicle.
Oh and Ariete P is a glass cannon. Worst armor at 10.0.

Corrected that 3BM22 is on-part with DM23, not 33.
DM33 is vastly superior to 3BM22, having 82mm more pen at 60 degrees at 500 & 2000 meters.

If we ignore that the magach has much better armor with era on the turret and hull.
It’s only 75 hp if both are spaded
These 75 hp have nearly no affect on mobility because the m48 is already slower than most vehicles

Compared against 90mm heat


Armor vs chemical rounds at 8.0 doesn’t mean much when darts are standard practice at 8.7.
M60’s stock dart at 8.0.


They can both be lol-penned by their own BR.

You know there are downtiers aswell and not everybody has apfsds especially because they aren’t stock.
There are enough situations when era is usefull

These 2 should be at least the same br claiming otherwise is insane

Those down-tiers still have 4x 8.0s on the other team.
Indefinite amount of 7.7s.
And IMO, 1.0 BR lower shouldn’t lolpen armored vehicles 1.0 higher than themselves.
There should be parts of armor that bounces.

M48 G A2 can be lolpenned aswell and it’s higher. So you agree to downtier the M48 G A2?
Claiming the M48 G A2 is better because it has a few hp more is insane if the Magach 5 has much better armor

Well they aren’t 8.7. At 8.0 and 8.3 many vehicles are still using HEAT so in those circumstances, and in down tiers, it makes a difference.

And 3BM22 is hardly comparable to DM33. It has more pen and a significantly larger mass. The T-72 has no trouble penning a Leopard 2AV yet one is 9.3 and the other is 10.0.

No. Because I haven’t played it in a long time to determine if its BR is fine our not.

Pen of DM33: 428mm of pen.
DM23: 354mm of pen.
3BM22: 346mm of pen.

You’re right, it’s on par with DM23, not 33.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 182447



These 2 are the same tank. There is no reason these 2 shouldn’t be at the same br. Magach 5 just trades armor for less hp which is much better in my opinion.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 182612


173x2 is 345mm of penetration for 3BM22.
The actual formula is: armor thickness divided by cos of angle, but at 60 degrees that’s just a multiplication of 2.
60 & even 30 degree angles matter more than flat pen.
& real-world testing is done at 60 degrees since all nations use angled armor.

214x2 is 426mm of penetration for DM33.

If things get more decompressed they will stay separate more than likely.
However, I cannot determine if one is over-BR’d or under-BR’d cause I haven’t played them to compare to my T-55AM1 experience, or my Italian M60 experience.
Also they have the same kinetic armor which matters more.