Why Tornado F.3 Late didn't got stock AIM-9M...?

With the recent “Seek & Destroy” update, every Western-Fact ‘Supersonic Fighter with ARH missile’ has been equipped with two IRCCM-capable missiles as a stock modification.

The F-15C, F-16C/D, and JAS-39C now have their own AIM-9M missiles, and the F-4F KWS LV has its equivalent AIM-9L/I. Additionally, Eastern-fact MiG-29 and Su-27 were using R-73 missiles.

However, it seems that the Tornado F.3 (Late) did not receive its share of modifications. Where did it go?

Just 32 countermeasures and two AIM-9L with inferior manoeuvrability stock grind feels like ‘pay to play’ to me :/

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Nobody cares about the British Tree. right…?

Apparently only 13.0 get stock IRCM missiles. While the F-4 Ice gets them due to that being the only IR missile it carries. As for Russian aircraft R-73 replaced R-60’s in service.

Still, despite that, the F-4 ICE has stock IRCCM missiles, due to a historical issue. :'(

I think that providing four AIM-9M missiles as stock modification(while adding a limit which can’t use BOL pod with it unless you get AIM-9M mod) for the Tornado F.3 Late won’t make much of a difference (with hyperbole.), especially considering that the Tornado still has to contend with the formidable F-15C. since Tornado has the worst airframe at its battle rating.

I have seen a few JAS39As having a hard time against enemies equipped with ARH missiles, even though they have superior manoeuvrability and more countermeasures compared to the Tornado F.3 Late.

Giving two AIM-9M as stock on 12.7BR planes wouldn’t hurt much… right…?

UK once again gets gaijined.

IMHO the AIM9M or AIM9Li should be stock, we predominantly used the latter but also used aim9M.

I also think the upgraded IR missile should be the ASRAAM but the devs won’t add it because it would be “too powerful”

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Nah, ASRAAM will be too powerful. and It will end up with AIM-9X + AIM-120C on F-15C and will cause a total clusterfuck.

Those guys who won’t accept that F-14 is powerful nowadays even though it has some flaws… (AIM-54 is easily notch-able while there are some planes with pos RWR which doesn’t alert AIM-54 at all, and F-14 has the best flight characteristics among its BR.) will be mad if Brit gets ASRAAM. and crying for counterparts.

They’ve already stated 13.0 is the cutoff for stock ICRM for NATO aircraft.

So, the UK once again gets Gaijined. :|

Having only AMRAAM-less JAS39C.
and Sea Harrier FA.2, a worse harrier but the same BR.
and this rubbish piece of shit…