Why there's ATGM at 6.7?

6.7 is too low for this, not to mention it has 7 of it

even japan type 60 which is worse in every aspect also at 6.7
(type 60 is garbage, hand aiming, cant hit at close range, 6 ATGM, etc)

marder that have only 4 atgm is at 7.7

even wiesel that only have it’s 20mm is at 7.3
(maybe wiesel has APDS but still)

etc etc

placing this thing at 6.7 is objectively wrong.
btw, idk how MILAN perform in this thing but in marder MILAN is most well-behaved ATGM in-game
it dont wobble horizontally like side mounted ATGM BMP-2M
it dont dive like RakJpz 2
it stable unlike IT-1

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Pay attention to everything else the vehicle has to offer and you’ll see why it’s so low; It’s a terrible vehicle.


implying type 60 should get lower BR
my point still stand

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You have considered the vehicle itself not the weapons?

Ratel platform isn’t good at all, in other hand, Marder is way better, also, it’s full tracked which doesn’t rely on “go backwards, turn, go forwards, turn and repeat”

Marder has better stabilization than Ratel and can be better used in some places, Ratel is the complete opposite.

Let me summarize it for you. You got killed by it now you are complaining.


To add: Is good to see that Ratel as more missiles, in this BR you’ll find so much heavy armored tanks like Tiger II, IS-2s, T95 and others,

So yes, the amount of missiles is good, and also, MILAN isn’t so good, it just works as a normal low caliber HEAT shell, not much damage but can penetrate some armor.

i answered it

unfortunately, it’s superb

no, i just realize it’s there and is 6.7

Because MILAN is Wire Guided (SACLOS) and not Beam-riding missile type like 9M133,

Because isn’t MACLOS? RakJpz 2 (HOT) which I would choose to play is SACLOS, which, performs better, in other hand, SS.11 (MACLOS) and any other Manual Guidance Missile has a small delay before the operator get the control over the missile.

Almost the sabe velocity or exactly the same, 224m/s, but MILAN are light missile, 3M7 has a mass of 54kg, I mean, you can find the reason of the difference in this point.

Moving it down BR would unbalance the game, yes, Type 60 ATM is bad, but it’s a scenario that we can’t really do much, in some cases Type 60 ATM can perform well, but, why would you put it down BR? Would penetrate anything in its BR or lower if it was 6.0 or 6.3 for example.

im in britain main myself, and as playing ratel it got worst mobility and main gun, obviously the atgm is also worst, if u cant control it u cant hit anything, well i mean its first gen atgm so what do u expect, but the atgm damage is kinda kill anything

i dont want to argue, it’s wasting time. the problem is simple, the reason is simple, and the solution is also simple. there’s literally no room to argue about anything

problem: ratel 20 BR is too low
reason: their competitor is at least a 7.7
solution: raise it to at least 7.7

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Nowhere did I imply the Type 60 should go lower, but if it did that wouldn’t be a problem since it’s also a terrible vehicle. You can’t slap ATGMs on a bad platform and have it magically perform well:

Armour: It has none. It can and will be penetrated frontally by heavy machine guns in the blink of an eye, and even rifle-calibre machine guns can get through the sides. If an artillery shell or bomb lands in it’s adjacent postcode, it dies.

Survivability: It has none. Despite being so big it only has 3 crew and they’re all clustered in the front. So not only can everything penetrate the armour from any range and angle, but every penetration is an almost guaranteed one-shot kill. In addition the thing is the size of a double-decker bus, so you can’t even hide it to avoid instant death, nor can you bait people into shooting the “empty” rear end because that’s where all your ATGMs are. Oh it’s also in a painfully obvious desert camo at all times.

Mobility: Decent for a light tank. Sure the on-paper top speed is great but you’ll realistically never achieve that in a match, it’s fast but not significantly faster than any other light tank in the BR range. It’s reverse speed on the other hand is complete piss, it steers like a brick and the wheels mean you’re barely faster than a Maus in deep snow, sand or mud. It goes fast in a straight line but good luck doing literally anything else with it.

Firepower: Mediocre. The unstabilized 20mm is decent against light tanks and low-flying aircraft but is worthless against anything else. The ATGM is good but it’s an early ATGM at 6.7, so 75% of your targets are heavy tanks that can easily eat the damage from 2 or 3 missiles, and thanks to the size of the vehicle you’ll basically never find a spot to launch the missile whilst hull-down. You just have to sit there in the open, in a vehicle the size of a TOG with wet paper towels for armour, slowly guiding your missile at a target that can fire back with at you with an AP round 5x faster than the MILAN that’s guaranteed to kill you whilst your missile might kill a third of their crew.

The Marder might have fewer missiles but it gets good armour, can actually survive penetrations thanks to the front-engine, has better all-terrain mobility plus neutral steer and a significantly better reverse speed, and it’s 20mm gets far better depression/elevation angles with an LRF. Outside of ATGM count and on-paper top speed it’s better than the Ratel 20 in every single category by a wide margin.

The Wiesel gets no ATGMs and also has awful armour and survivability, but has the same improvements to the 20mm as the Marder in addition to APDS and Gen 2 thermals, plus it’s faster than the Ratel and it’s tiny. A Wiesel on the flanks can rapidly do more damage to an enemy team than a Ratel could ever dream of before completely vanishing whilst keeping every enemy consistently scouted the entire match.


research and play the ratel, then you will know why

I’m confident you could put it at 1.0 and it would still be bad.


You would get more kills with the 50cal there than the missile itself lul


Most likely haha, it’s a truly bad vehicle.

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The problem is non existent the reason is skill issue the solution is to work on it.

Ratel was on higher BR, if it was good, it would have stayed there, but it is trash as many people already pointed it out to you.

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I’m just going to ignore this post and assume that the author has never even played the Ratel 20.

What annoys me the most about it, is the stupid, extremely long steering recentering time. It makes it impossible to drive in a straight line, you always end up swaying side to side like a drunk guy driving his car home from the bar.

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This issue occurs in many vehicles,

Most of them are light wheeled of small profile like SdKfs 234/2 (Puma), Eland 90 Mk. 7 and few full tracked like the Wiesel platform.

But somehow doesn’t happen to Ozelot which is based on Wiesel platform.

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