Why the narrow version of some of the maps?

I entirely despise this map design.
They are turning all RB modes into arcade.


at this point im forced to say skill issue, if you cant do good in a casemate just because you are CQB you are playing it wrong. if you want to use it exclusively for long range dont make an entire lineup with casemates.
it would be better to have the possibility to chose, still not all maps are made for every veichle type.

Your track record of playing casemates isn’t impressive either.
My point was that vehicles are forced to play playstyles they weren’t built for, which lowers their average efficiency.

That’s the whole point, most maps are poorly made and don’t give opportunities for every playstyle.

Got this version 3 times yesterday, 2 in a row. Thats a proof that the developers of this game dont even play, they havent a clue on what they are doing.

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Well…i really dont know…but i have to assume they want battles to be more ectic. In these maps everyone will converge on same spots…lots of targets and lots of incoming fire…
Some may like it i guess (i doubt the majority will…much less in RB)…and battles will be over faster…

I play arcade and got one of these recently (cargo port)…didn’t like it either…it is too constricted…
I guess it will be liked by “reflexes or reaction” based players.

Can only hope feedback and data will make them revert this…


Who told you that Arcade players want these narrow maps? Tanks are faster in Arcade, there is no need for narrowing maps there. I’m not gonna even play any of these narrow versions of maps, I like to use the maps in my advantage, not play like a Gaijin bot, so I welcome every crew lock until I get a decent(or normal) map.

I would blame Gaijin tho, cause I don’t believe they play their own game, some things are so obvious that it would only require a single match to find out how wrong they are.


it would be a bit difficult to make multiple maps with CQB, long range, paved, hilly, forest and everything needed without making them excessive, boring and not memorable, but sure dev could try harder

I think I see one player in this whole thread that said that likes it, maybe was being sarcastic.

But we all know that Gaijin will see it as just a few players complaining about it in this thread compared to the “millions” of players that are not complaining, since they always consider those that don’t express here to be ok with their game changes…

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Got those narrow version of cargo port 6 times in a row, while trying to spade light vehicles…

So much fun, especially with the 9.3 Type-16 in a full Uptier, with full teams.

Noped every single time out.

Can’t stand those beer coaster sized maps in 9.0+


Well…i dont recall any players asking for this…so hard to blame anyone else than devs who thought it was a good idea…
I guess they either didn’t like players that go around to flank the enemy…or saw this “solution” on other game…but not sure what they were trying to “fix” or “improve”.
If i try hard to find a reason…perhaps they want “new” RB players to find combat faster…but i admit i am trying to find a good excuse…and not convinced myself :)

I cant dislike all small maps…but will move my dislike to one of them…and hope game data shows players don’t like them. (TBH…i will try to play this…but first impressions are not good).


Every map should have same properties as Maginot Line. There you’ll have CQC mazes where brawlers can brawl, while also having more open areas where snipers can snipe.
That map is also big enough to allow light, fast vehicles to actually use one of their biggest advantages.

I guess you aren’t allowed to use your speed and optics to your advantage.

Meanwhile we have vehicles that are viable only when flanking, which is ridiculous.


There are a few… but we also need devs that really like this game and stop trying to ruin it just to show some work.

I fear every major update.

maginot line is wildly long range, 2 bases are on the long range snipe sector. you would need 3 areas with 3 different playstyles, something like the dry city dock map

That’s actually one of my favourite maps, it seems to have a role for every tank type. Even the cap points always provide some cover if you want to take them.


You can escape the longer range by going into towns, just like snipers can escape brawls by going on the hills.
Having multiple options available is the key to every map.


At least those fast Type-16 hasn’t to suffer from only ~200mm pen at 500m anymore, so you can go rampage with 250mm 😂😂😂

Seriously, you need to flank with those vehicles, because you can’t even disable a T-64s Breach with 1 shot anymore…

Yeah, maps can get pretty dumb, especially higher you go.
Maps of this size should be common occurrence at 9.0+, where loads of vehicles are at least decently mobile, have thermals and LRFs.


No death leave if you like to flank in a fast mover and if is that what you lined up with.I cant imagine anybody wanting to go face to face with what the UK run at 4-6 BR so bail out it is.Pure removal of choice

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No idea who greenlit this idea, but this is really the worst kind of solution to whatever they were trying to “fix”. Like some maps weren’t already designed to funnel as many players as possible into one single spot. This really takes the cake.
What’s with the suddenly much more common 1 cap point maps anyways?

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High tier maps in the future should add map more like Fulda and Sand of Sinai more not the map that look like cargo port and abandoned factory for high tier these maps are so dumb point n click what the fun in that? why we have laser rangefinder and thermal if most of the map don’t even need to use it?
3X3km at very least from 9.0 and onward