Why the narrow version of some of the maps?

I’ve usually frowned upon those who quit after just one death (or worse), but after Gaijin implemented these “narrow” versions of some of the maps, I’ve come to understand them a little.
I flat out refuse to play these maps. They are so freaking stupid.

Why and how did anyone thought this was a good idea?!?

shot 2023.11.19 20.57.45 narrowashriver

Yes it’s a “You-will-NOT-flank!” version of Ash River.


Not as silly as t he cargo port variant of REALLY narrow map


They are all silly.
I think this is the 3rd or 4th narrow version of a map I’ve seen.


“You will face enemies frontally and you will like it”

These changes dumb down gameplay, and nothing is gained from adding them. These maps kill tanks that rely on flanking.


Those narrow versions of the map are the worst thing that happened in a long time.


Yea, I’m keen to oversee some reworks of maps to actually do proper redesigns and crap to make them better for everyone…

It’s just hard to get contact with anyone in regards to this crap.

Ash river was fine, I don’t know why they want to limit this sort of thing, players can choose where to go, if they choose to go down in the pit, then that’s their loss. They should be up top, sniping down.


By revamping and balancing maps they meant making them 100% more dogshit and unplayable


I got this map yesterday in a rank 2 battle … guess what those tried who played this map the first time. They tried to go for the sniping spot at F6. We lost 5 tanks in the beginning … I tried to warn them.
The bad thing is that the orange border is not the real border.
It is and ugly decision for those maps.


Yeah WTF is that about? Gaijin should be working to remove the red areas from all maps not increasing them.No more losing units to time out from straying off the map.Create some terrain instead.

It’s Panther time,But I didn’t bring one!


Hell yea…

It’s actually messed up how no-one can deal with a panther at the best of times, especially when it’s breached, and it doesn’t stop to repair, and then pop smoke…

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Now you must face them head on .Really? Facepalm.

These map changes initially made me unhappy but then I realised they’re great for CAS as they compress everyone close together and it’s easier to find targets. I guess it’s what Gaijin wants, so who am I to go against that?

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When the new major update arrived I got this narrow version of Alasca:

I just get back to hangar a try another nation, if I run out of nations I’ll exit the game cause I got better things to do than to play this shitty versions of already bad maps.

Sometimes I swear that this game is some kind of experience to test the limits of your frustration, until Gaijin surprises me again with their next decisions.


Got that absolute crapper of a map last night at 11.7.
Yeah, map that’s 600m wide and 1000m long, with 3 streets and a couple of rocks, at 11.7.


Panthers not OP, it’s very situational, just flank bro it will work 100% i promise.

My suggestion for the next map …


lol … flag it xD


Perfect. Everyone is going to be happy


i like narrow maps, feels like old version of “city” for planes, fast fight and restart. sometimes i just want to brawl in cqb without worring that someone aiming in one pixel from 2km away snipes me

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You also seem to not worry about vehicles that are purposely made for longer ranges and absolutely suck in CQC knife fights, right ?

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Nah, to long range for Gaijin, add the sun in the face, mist or much better just reduce the distance between teams ))))