Why the dumb narrow version of some of the maps?

Looks like fun to me at BR 10.3… god i hate this map desings. The only map i like is fulda because its big and open, the rest is just dogwater.

oh and we lost because of OP CAS. 3 Jet from enemy team, can’t even bring SPAA up because you get already bombed in the spawn.


I see that I quit. Simple.


Simple men with simple solutions :D

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I meant the map not you quite rightfully exploiting it :)

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year i also, its awfull. The match only took like 3 min (So like the most maps) and then the spawncamping starts.

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Yes ,then the ODL etc etc

I think the game is becoming a game for children but how do they get $60 for premiums?

It already feels like you playing with bots, maybe moms creditcard?

Would love to see more open space maps which are bigger then 30 seconds W like Arma 2 maps (min 10 km x 10 km). Then you could add more players and the CAS thing is not that bad anymore (But also needs to adjust the range of SPAA). Fulda is good start to begin with. How hard can it be making a good map? All the maps are like CoD tdm maps and all player get the right tool for it … sniper rifles.


Just bring up SPAA Kekw

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I couldn’t agree more. These tiny maps have nothing to do with post war or modern tanks. No wonder Helis are hitting enemy spawn from their own spawn.

Make the games longer and the maps bigger as tanks get faster and have increased firing range

I think this is the question on everybody’s lips. Sadly the player base have let this go for too long ,just focused on model accuracy over gameplay.


Interestingly, that’s the map I’ve chosen to ban. It’s just so bloody awful.

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Actually I did, I can’t do wind turbines and WW2 tanks ,sorry :) .I get it regarding the size

I think we need more than just select “G-RB” and get a shitty map which tend you to ODL.

Would be better if you could select which map you want to play (Can’t even do this with Premium Acc) and only get this maps to matched up. That would help with ODL (If you have more then one tank in the lineup). Also Gaijin could then dump the maps nobody plays and work on the maps everbody plays.

There should be big maps and the lower the BR is, the smaller the map goes (Not so small like now but also not 10x10km). Atm almost all maps feels like BF3 Operation Metro.


It has been said that queue times is greatly increased by people banning maps and it was an excuse for map repetition, not sure.

I think time limits are something that make players rush and play short no tactics games on little maps. Maybe players are just more stupid now than ever before as suggested elsewhere?

Personally, I think Gaijin listens too much to the wrong advice and wrong people. Too much following of some online complaints. Too much dumbing down.

It should make much bigger maps for later warfare regardless of what moaning impatient players say and give longer game time to allow a more chilled and tactical approach that fits later Armour.


Yes, yes & YES!


Fulda is one of my favorite maps, specially the big 550m version, but it lacks more points to cap along the away.

The driving can be tedious, that’s why I’ve been suggesting the idea of more caps near spawn that you can respawn on.

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Large maps in general should have dynamic spawning points. Like some other online FPS games do. If not spawning on caps. At least have the game spawn players closer to the caps at beginning of the match, then depending on how the caps have been taken, move the spawning point near/far from the map centre. A dynamic spawning point could potentially reduce spawncamping. If spawncampers sit on the “near” spawnpoint (“frontline” has moved closer to spawnpoint), game could recommend that it’s better if spawns happen further away from the action. Or even let players pick between more than 2 spawns. With well implemented spawning mechanic, Gaijin wouldnt need to rely on the spawn protection so much either. Currently spawn protection is purely a crutch, because Gaijin doesnt bother to invest into more refined solutions.


Yes, having dynamic spawn points would address a lot of the issues regarding spawn camping and more area for SPAA to move around. Having a frontline style map and gameplay would be more realistic and fun than whatever we have now, being able to fall back to another position to counterattack would be viable. It would be extremely beneficial for the game as a whole if Gaijin got rid of the old 3 cap system, which doesn’t work like most other online games.

But what they could do at the moment is give large maps more cap points to respawn on as a test to see how much it affects gameplay.

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I feel like they just keep trying to go down the same road as Wargaming, although I suppose even WoT has more sensible maps than this “Moose Fighting” stuff.

It’s a shame to be honest, “reworking” these actual fun maps like Sands of Sinai etc. into dumber versions with no real flank areas. Even worse for newer players aswell, as now they won’t even get the idea of trying to flank the enemy (or so I would presume).


God, I hate these narrow maps so fucking much!


This is my theory on the narrow maps…

  1. The matches on the single cap game modes with full sized maps lasted too long. Longer match times = longer queue times. This is why there’s so many CQB maps now compared to what I remember.
  2. With single cap maps with full sized maps you had wide open empty parts of the map where you won’t run into other enemy players unless they’re doing the same thing. The amount of tanks driving around not running into each other just makes the matches longer and more drawn out.
  3. If there’s only a few tanks left on both side with a big open map you can spend minutes playing hide-and-go-seek.

I don’t like the narrow maps either, but I can understand the reasoning behind the change.