Why the BR of the battle is not displayed

Hi all.

So everything is in the title actually. I’m thinking about it over and over again, but I still don’t get it : why the “BR range” of a battle is not displayed?
Being in the bottom or the top of the BR range can completely change your gameplay and tactics you will use.

I know in ground battle it’s easy to know it with the spawn points, but you can’t do it in air realistic battles. Except by knowing the BR of almost every aircrafts in the game…
So at the moment the best way I found is to alt-tab after take off and check manually on the war thunder wiki the BR of the aircrafts of my team… That’s why I keep wondering why the hell the BR is not displayed.

I’m sure there is a reason, but which one it is?

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Players will likely use the BR as an excuse to leave the battle before giving themselves a chance to succeed. Gamers don’t have the gumption that they used to. If everything isn’t perfectly aligned in their favor, they’re looking for an excuse to leave.


Sadly BR is an excuse to leave and when Im in a WW2 tank at 6BR facing 80s armor at 7BR I’ll leave as well.


You will get used to recognising aircraft as you progress up the ranks the more you play. A little tip to help you on your journey. First you see will be strikeaircraft, 2nd will be bombers and interceptors then finally fighters

You can calculate your br by looking at the sp costs.
100 sp- full uptier
110 sp- +.7
130 sp- +.3
150 sp- full downtier
Those numbers are for medium tanks but its not that hard to figure it out for other vehicles

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So you are in some way compensated for being in an uptier with SP reduction.

It wouldn’t change anything anyway - for example, I often leave matches, I love playing T10A on 7.7 get full uptier 8.7 and expanded Poland,I immediately want to go and die from APFSDS, having a WW2 gun, After 8 years of playing, people simply don’t want to bother anymore and it’s better to leave the match and take a break for 9 minutes.

Like others said, it would cause ppl to leave early based on the BR, while the quality of the match realy depends on how many vehicles on higher BRs are realy there.

Full up tiers happen way to often and are not very funny no matter what side you are on. You either end up being dispatched quickly or feel like in a shooting booth because ppl have problems touching you. Given that many lineups are not on a single BR but span across a smaller range just makes it worse.