Why t-62 in 8.7

Hello first
I wanted to discuss the idea that the T-62 BR 8.7 tank is very bad in this BR especially against tanks like the Japanese Type 16 tank or the leopard A1A5 tanks This tank is slow without a thermal vision or a laser to determine the distance It has a much longer loading time and its shot is so bad that many times it cannot kill a tank like Tam 2IP from the face The bullet deviates directly and on the other hand he has an advantage in everything in The speed of movement and have thermal vision also there is a problem in the mode of simulating tanks as they face very sophisticated tanks such as the Merkava and the Swedish CV tanks that have 5 seconds of a stronger shot than the T-62 tank Thank you and sorry for any mistakes in writing

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I also think the T-62 is crap, maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly, at least you have the Object 435 which is better and qualified as a 8.7 material, the T-62 is currently my backup should the Object 435 get killed, I usually take out the T-55AMD instead of the T-62, it has APS and also ATGM. The only decent T-62 is the T-62M1 which I find it better than the first T-64.


I totally agree with you but this tank deserves some love

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I don’t play post-war a lot but I also wondered how the T-62 ended up at 8.7.
When the T-62 was introduced the Leopard 1 was on it’s way and the US still used M48s for the most part.
The only difference to the early T-54s are the 115mm smoothbore gun that fires APFSDS at super high velocity, allowing it to penetrate conventional armor quite easily and without requiring a whole lot of tungsten.

It’s got slower traverse, less gun depression and lower RoF. I don’t see how this tank ends up at 8.7.


The t-62 is really good idk what youre talking about. It should def be in 8.7

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What. Aint no way you said that the T-62M1 is better than the T-64A…

Yes, I’ve said it lol not a big fan of the -4kph reverse speed.

The T-62 was bad at 8.3.

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nah dawg. you just dont know how to use it lmfao


It’s objectively worse than the T-55A.

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i think youre just objectively bad using the T-62 my guy. I have a K/D of 1.4 with the T-62

weird flex but ok


everything in the br range got moved up

Youve only played 18 battles in it bro. You didnt even give the vehicle a chance. Stop complaining if you havent even tried it properly…

Not quite, the Rooikat 1D and TAM didn’t move and few more I probably don’t know about (of course the Object 279). Not everything deserved to move, the T-62 and Chief 3 come to mind.

The T-62 is balanced in that br.

Dont play russia then…

Because I immediately recognised it as bad and a waste of time.

Nuh. Why use the T-72s when you got the T-80s? also if you’ve done alright in T-62, you will perform even better in the T-55s or Object 435 bro.

You have a K/D of ca 1.3 the T-62 isnt bad