Why people are so rude?

you cant have anymore fun, like you bring a low tier to 11.3, DESTROYED in 3 minutes, its not that fun to kill a little dude that just wants to have fun, also if you kill like a L3/33 at top tier the kill reward is like 100 sl nothing more.

Because “haha funny guys i got uptiered!!” or whatever


what does it mean lol

No idea, I assume an attempt to be funny or whatever. The only reason i find understandable is for the God Mode reward, other than that, its people being weird.


I do not know if I understand you correctly. You are upset, because enemy team destroyed your troll vehicle?
Why should they spare your life? You can cap point on same level as any other vehicle = you are same threat to thier team.


If you spawned on the same team as me in an L3/33 I’d flip you over, pop some smoke on you and leave you there for the match.

Or deposit you in a river if nearby.


the thing is bud.

If someone managed to kill an enemy with a severely undertiered vehicle, there is a big chance of a “lol” or something rude from them in chat.

And you see, that’s where the fun ends. people seems to think, just because they spawn in a shoe box, people should let them be, but they will still have every right to kill an opponent.

That’s not how it goes.

Fair enough if you spawn in a silly scooby doo van, but you are STILL fair game.


It’s a very competitive gaming environment; there are people who would sell their sister for one more kill. Anyway, if you bring low-tier units to a high BR, you need to do it consciously to add value to your team looking for a god mode. If you bring a weak unit just to mess around, you’re depriving your team of a useful vehicle at that BR and giving the other team an easy kill.


This game gives pennies for kills of any type, the bulk of rewards are based on time and activity.
Killing a useless box which can contribute nothing to their team gives me activity which tied with time gives me rewards.
So I’ll kill everyone I see.

Don’t want that to happen?
Don’t bring a completely useless vehicle which is nothing more than a liability to your team.


Because bringing a low tier vehicle is stupid if you want to be an annoying little redditor then go to a custom game if not enjoy me teamkilling you the first chance i get especially if you bring a prop to toptier ARB.

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You are on the other team. You should be killed no matter what.

If you are going to bring a low tier tank, bring an effective one. A puma at 8.0 is acceptable, but an L3 at 11.0 isn’t.

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Maybe putting a limit on the BR range of the vehicles that players can bring to a battle would be beneficial. Had a battle at a 11 BR and had 3 “teammates” using reserve vehicles.

How do think our team did in that battle?

Certainly you can understand the frustration of those of us that actually attempt to PTO and play as a team, in what is advertised as a team based game, when see what are essentially trolls ruining the experience for the rest of us.

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Doesn’t help that gaijin actively promotes bringing lower tier vehicles into higher tiers

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A BT-5 can spawn in, cap a point, then hop in a Heli or Plane, which is very concerning for the other team.

On the other hand, the BT-5 could just die, feed the enemy team SP, and let them get in a Heli or Plane, which is very concerning for the team the BT is on.

So, y’know. It’s fair to not want it to play.

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I always make sure to ram them out of a cap or prevent them from capping entirely


Harassing other players because they’re playing a video game in a manner you do not like is never acceptable. And often reportable, for that matter.




Literally This happens and you cope about it ?


i dunno, i don’t kiil low tier tanks in top tier

It’s not my problem if you’re on the enemy team and essentially wasting a slot by bringing a woefully inferior vehicle that’s well outside it’s actual BR MM range.

I will still frag you. Indiscriminately. Zero hesitation.

You are owed nothing and I will have no qualms about sending you back to the hanger.

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