Why not remove repair costs? Would solve 1 death leavers at the same time?

Yeah, suppose it’s needless to say higher tier battles are a bit lame since after 2-5 minutes it is not uncommon for 50% of one team to have already left after dying once.

There are some who have perhaps only one premium tank available and hence have nothing else to spawn even if they would want to, but I still think a bigger portion of the players do the usual mathematics of “Should I spawn more tanks or not, will I win or lose credits”. And if the battle looks, after 2min, even slighly so that defeat seems more likely than victory it usually means people save money and do not spawn more tanks.

What if just there would be no repair costs so every battle would be worth playing till the end. And have also some exp boost or similar multiplying for every vehicle spawned?

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Wasnt this already somewhat implemented last summer?

Repair costs are now much more player friendly.

Yet ODL persist.

Thus the issue isnt tied to repair costs.


Well, not at least for my 10.3 germans. If Leo2A4 dies it costs 6000 to repair it. If I spawn it and manage to kill one enemy before getting wasted I will end up losing credits.

Thats outright nonsense, you cant have repair cost system different to whats applied to literally the rest of the playerbase.

Umm, are you saying that if I spawn my tank, get killed after spawn protection ~15sec is over do I still earn credits?

I did not know that, sorry.

You can see two repair costs on the vehicle stat card, per minute and total.

From the moment you spawn, you start gaining “repair” cost until it reaches maximum and wont go above that.

Meaning, for example, you wont be paying full repair cost if you get sniped the moment your spawn protection runs out.

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If you are still loosing SL on repair costs after changes from road map its skill issue. Ive never been on 0, even with those very expensive vehicles.

Its there to make the game more “realistic”.
Plus its unfare that drone kills have repair costs. They should just remove repair costs for unavoidable things (drones, targetted missiles, etc.).

Repair cost no longer and issue. I can spawn 4 to 9 times and still make enough to cover the cost and make some profit in SL. Example, spawned 5 times. Back then most of my earned SL would of gone in 15 to 12k repairs per vehicle used and keeping the left amount of 10k or losing up to -20k SL. Now I get to keep a huge amount of SL without worrying about repairs.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 110147
Screenshot 2024-02-09 110608

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Removing repair costs won’t discourage people from leaving when they only have one premium in their lineup and are out of backups

6k? that’s what you’re complaining about? vehicles in the late and modern eras of tanks used to nearly go over to almost 3 million.

it wouldn’t solve anything in regards to one death leaves.

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ODL happens at all BRs, maybe not to the same damaging level but it happens. I can think of a number of reasons why I bail early, and the main one could be thinking I want to play WT then thinking actually no I’m doing Fallout 4 or Forza.

Its no big deal, that is online gaming ,its all too human and we are crazy creatures. Sometimes I just quit because I’m going to work, or the phone goes or a friend shows up.

Its no big slight on my so-called team buddies that I leave the game, my issues times a hundred thousand humans all doing the same.

Often I quit this game because I’m not in the mood to be killed by an unseen enemy or revenge bombed by CAS but the next night I don’t care, and I stay and do good. Now can I blame Gaijin for that ?