Why not another E-100

Dear guys, I want your thoughts about it. Actually E-100 is a very rare tank, only 4 E-100 winner (a team) per year and it’s always the competitive teams so nobody have their chance. So today I would like to let the community/devs know that It could be cool the idea of another E-100 (because 3 versions were planned but none existed). So it could be cool to have E-100 in an event/bundle (can up to 100€ easily or limited purchases). Or maybe do a huge tournament with TOP 1500 wins it ( 1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3 tournaments ). Devs and old tournaments winner decide which versions of E-100 they keep / people can win. A little reminder E-100 was supposed to look like this:
So it’s obvious that gaijin can do another one but I just want that gaijin take it in consideration for the next years of the game (not immediate introduction).
That’s all for me.



That’s clear 🤣🤣💀 But that stupid to think that.

U are aware thats why gajin gives us acecess to the maus from time to time? To give players the opportunity to get a similar vehicle

You forgot that E-100 is way better at the same br, it is only similar by the turret. And this is absolutely not why gaijin give the Maus every years.

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Seriously, only 4? I thought you just had to reach the top 200 and win an E100, lmao. I’ve given up on this event; if it’s only 4, it’s impossible for me to get that tank on my own

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It would definitely be nice to see more of the rarer event vehicles in circulation.


Can someone remember how many E-100s they put up for sale on the Gaijin market?

Last time this tank sold for about 1000euro, I doubt they want to do a giveaway, you can get the Maus at events.

Is it really? I would consider it a sidegrade as it currently stands.

I already have this baby

Absolutely bro, when I have something so rare that I don’t want anyone else to have it because it will take away the exclusivity and the rarity, absolutely love it when you enter the match with E-100, and the chat goes like “omg I’ve never seen this tonk b4”, “omfg diet Maus, first time seeing this”, “omg must be a famous YouTuber omg”…

I also wish Object 279 become extinct so I can sell the voucher at $2000 to earn big bucks bro.

Since I started playing, I’ve always wanted that tank. Now that I’m top tier, I still want it, but I just found out how this event works, and I won’t be able to participate. Only 4 players per year, that’s crazy xD. It’s better to stick with the Tiger 2, I don’t even care about grinding for the Maus. If I can’t have the E-100, there’s no reason to play at a low battle rating.

I agree with the OP, everyone deserves a recurring chance for any vehicle.

(My muzzle is finally Off again)


yes i really hope this version get added as event tank for everyone.
E-100 tournaments are the worst and very limited in numbers i completely disagree with E-100 stays as tournament tank in 2023 / 2024 it’s should be replaced with modern tanks or jets !

I agree with you. I got the E100 in the 2016 event, and after that, they never announced an E100 event again, only in tournaments. Maybe that’s good because only people who win the tournament get it, not just anyone, Although it would be good for the Teutonic Giants events to come back, and only 100 people get it, that would be great

Your username suggests that you might be too biased in Order to participate in this discussion.

E100 for everone, No more Vehicle Exclusivity.

“[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.”


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Imagine spending thousands of hours in a video game, to qualify for a tournament, win it, recieve your reward, only for the reward to be handed the every odd war thunder player… Man i would be dissapointed. I wish I had the E-100 but i would prefer to get it through my own merit

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You can. Grind the Score, and those who want/must can buy the Stars instead.

Gaijin can add the “E-100 crocodile Jagdpanzer” for the tournamt too. The family would be complete.
That would be funny too.

It’s a tournament unit, so it can be a rare one. And players have the possibility to buy it on market, if it is online. The price is a other theme but it’s justified in my opinion.