Why not another E-100

I really want the E-100, just like I’d love to get my hands on the three removed German vehicles.

For the latter, my odds are exactly 0%. For the E-100, it’s above zero, but not by much. I know you can still win it by taking part in a tournament, but I don’t know the details (haven’t had much free time recently). So I need to research it, qualify for the tournament, and then try to win - in other words I need to basically reach a quasi eSports level of competitiveness to earn it. Which I honestly doubt I’ll ever be skilled enough for, but let’s ignore that for a moment.

This is several orders of magnitude worse than an event, even than the grindiest event imaginable. Don’t you think that’s a little extreme? There is a reason why usually these eSports feats release unique skins, not content.

For me its only a “collect” item. Its nice to have, but don’t need it. I still understanding you.

There players wich like it to collect all items. They don’t need it for playing, but they still like it to have it. It’s same how to collect stamps with complete full set. They would like to do all things to get the full set (for examble of the nation).

In my younger time i was liked to collect much stuff too. But i was learning, that is impossible to get all. You still need a place to sava all, doesn’t matter you have money or not. I could say its a kind how a illness. It’s only a hobby to view own collecting items. I was proud to show my items but it was a time coming, that i needed to break up.

In this time i learned to be more relaxed.
Finally it’s the choice of Gaijin.

I was for examble thinking about 100, 200, 300 days login to get a rare vehicle parts for a vehicle, wich no one can buy or trade it in market. A kind of loyal boni. Thats i missing in War Thunder.
I see each time, how players laughing, if they get 50% or other Boost for 100 days more or less. They get a title. That i know… but i think a vehicle is a kind of landmark.

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Compared to winning a tournament, that is a cake walk.

So what, everyone has to suffer like you did? That is cruel, arrogant and condescending.

No you idiot, do you even read what i wrote. I dont have the E-100 either.

I got the Sturmtiger through my own merit, not a single penny spent. I am (mostly) having such a blast with it that I get dissappointed by its rarity and the amount of players that do not get to have this experience. Exclusivity is just anti-gamer and cruel.

If you really want the E-100 than qualify for tournament and win it.

Very funny, haha.