Why naval battles are a failure

Heres my opinion as some one who has been here from the start our opinions obviouly may be different

  1. Warthunder has been watering down the realism in order to please everyone example Naval battles were originally skill based since you had to manually range in your weapons this made the game challenging and fun, in order to please everyone since this took skill they opted to create a boring mouse aim, this makes naval battles so boring since its literally click and fire from miles away for minutes upon minutes… its boring and doesn’t require skill

  2. Pt boats were ships you once started with it was great like this as you slowly built up the ranks, with the addition of Bluewater and coastal fleet everything is all over the place you have pt boats fighting each other and then all of a sudden a destroyer comes in the harbor kills everyone and there nothing you can do about it, it should have been left as is

my recommendation would be to bring back the old aiming system and increase the damage that’s done to ships, make it actually rewarding to hit a ship from miles away, just my opinion


the entire mode is a failure and it was dead on arrival , i don’t even know why gaijin even bothers with keeping it alive and wasting time, money and resources on this game mode.


You left out the part where you start the match in full view of their spawn and within gun range. Imagine the riot if they had this is air or ground.


This is actually realistic, ships had balistic computers.
And you still need to guess if ship is going towards you and at what speed (+ your speed). Also, if you want to shoot fast, you still need to guess where shells land. Nothing changed by adding the green arrow.

This was requested by community. I wOuLd PlAy NaVaL iF i CaN sTaRt WiTh DeStRoYeRs. Nobody who said this in comments touched naval. Now they are saying they would start if they add subs or aircraft carriers. Yeah buddy, sure…


Imagine forcing tiktok kids to sit 5 minutes in ship without action. Some of them cant even climb in Air RB which will give them insane advantage because “its boring”

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You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.


1- ? What? There’s no auto-ranging in naval battles realistic.
There’s no feature I’m aware of that auto-changes my range unless I’m in a ship that has an auto-ranging feature like PG-02.
So no, I’m very much manually ranging my weapons in naval RB since I don’t use those advanced coastal boats too often.

The aiming system hasn’t changed since I started playing naval in 2018.
Only the UI changed.

it has indeed changed you needed to manually range the guns… now it auto ranges with your mouse to make it easier

I like the Realistic Naval format quite a bit but it’s got some obvious problems
I don’t agree they are a total failure but they’re really not as much fun as they could be. Here’s my own list:

  1. maps are too small for the ships involved: When it was PT boats an sub chasers, a 20km map made sense. Like in air battles or tanks, a team could group mind a plan of some sort. This sort of spontaneous organization probably deserves some scientific study but it’s what brings victory way more often than not. As has been pointed out elsewhere in this discussion, it’s way uncool to spawn in literally under the guns of a much bigger vessel.
  2. The ridiculously anachronistic method of pitting a coal fueled cruiser from 1914 against a destroyers from the Cold War era is completely nuts. Have a BR system like tanks. You’re not pitting jets against Spitfire Ia in the Air RB.
  3. The auto-aimed AA and secondaries that never miss. Just pay to upgrade your crew to maximum and then drive around behind islands and score Big Points!

I got into naval a little bit before they changed the aiming system, I absolute hate it, I feel like I’m fighting and micromanaging the ranging the entire game, would love to be able to use the old system that actually was more enjoyable and engaging.

Aside from that merging bluewater and coastal is ridiculous, maps are ridiculous… assuming you even get one instead of just nothing but water, spawns are ridiculous when there’s endless amounts of waters we still spawn on top of eachother and in view of the enemy time.

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There is no auto-ranging outside of modern FCS like PG-02.
I played all this week, I’m still manually ranging the guns.

War thunder tries to automatically range the guns, but it fails so miserably you end up doing it all manually.

The aiming system is the reason why I refuse to play naval, I stopped playing naval when they changed it.

It feels like you are actively fighting the system to just get your guns on target.

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Yeah thats really annoying, and on most of the maps with the large ship spawn you have to sail for like 5 minutes plus to reach any sort of island cover before you can actually use some tactics and positioning. Just reaching a cap circle takes forever, usually through completely open water, and if you make it you are normally nearly dead by the time you get there.

Most of the maps feel quite bleh to play on too.

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I enjoyed the subs in the event but other than that you have 3 choices in WT, air, land ot sea., well after the 1st and 2nd that are most people’s favourite it does not leave much for the latter. Im sure if 2 was not so popular the 3rd would be more successful

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Ships do play like tanks in a way- I stick with it despite the ugly warts.

Naval is due to poor execution hasn’t changed by much since its beta. Probably not even early development and it’s more due to the way maps are structured. You can have NPC crews automatically open fire at anything that gets in range instead of making them feel human and they slowly start worrying and panicking as they fire which makes it a bit less accurate as well as reload rates ammunition being a lot slower since ammo would be traveling all over the ship. From primary to small storage locations.


The problem, or at least one of them, is essentially BR compression on steroids. Destroyers seal club PT boats, cruisers seal club destroyers, battleships seal club everything.

Naval battle are only fun when you’re fighting PEERS. It’s death by matchmaker if you have to fight someone outside of your weight class.


i have no idea of it i just been here since 2013 , then do explain why there are barely any people queueing up for naval battles , and don’t say the game mode has severe faults in it cause both ground and air have severe faults in them

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I just dropped into a naval battle to see. I had "Eric Giesse’ a destroyer. The map was the one that’s Morroccan coast or some such. I pulled a hard right to assess because you get spawned in in fairly close range. Despite being visually hidden behind an island of fair size (height), a steady stream of secondary and AA fire poured on me in an arc- like a glowing garden hose of doom. WIthin 10 seconds my ship was on fire and taking on water. The insanely accurate scondaries and AAA seem to be a function of paying cash money to max out all your crew skills. Or something (I’d say relentless playing, but who would put up with this abuse long enough to ger proficient at it?). There was no point in respawning. I just abandoned the thing in disgust.

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the auto-aim guns just murder everything. There’s no skill involved at all

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