Why naval battles are a failure

That’s the thing if it was executed better then it would make PT boats a lot more potent however right now they are perceived as a nuisance, not as a threat.

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What? Have you been on a WWII battleship? There are no ballistic computers, its all manual adjustment, you fire and correct

You’we played one time “just to try”, what do you expect?

Tell me honestly how much time have you played in the first tank battle or air…

I bet you where destroyed in a bunch of seconds, or at best, minutes, like almost all players who approach a game mode they do not know.

Naval is far from perfect (like air or ground battles btw), but before complaining about things, people should “at least” make a minimum effort to understand them.

Are there even real players in naval? Isnt it just AI ships and players botting?

yes it is a strange mode, I think all you have mentioned is not the reall problem. The problem in my opinion is in match design. They just toke what has world of warships, even the ships feel like they have HP pool.
I agree realistic should not have lock on target and aiming assistant, but would be even worse with all those aimbots. So maybe it is a way for simulator.

But in my opinion, the game design should change, no caping points, but HVT to protect or to kill. Lets say, you have to protect convoy, or harbor, or coast, island what do I know.

Second design should be small battles , like 2v2 or 3v3 for top rank, I mean the battleships.

And there needs to be added weather , like really big waves when we fight on blue water.

Shell damage should be increased with the range, as you close the gap, or the projectile dispersion. righ now it is nonsense, when you got hit by 5 out of 6 on 12 km. The 12 should be 24, so the map needs to be biger. There is almost no place for manouvers on this small maps.

But as I said, maybe it should all be added in simulator mode.

Honestly what pisses me off in naval are 2 things:

  1. It’s all too slow. Yes, that’s how it was in real life, so that’s just my problem.

  2. There’s no separation in 2 cases; country-wise and era-wise. Everyone fighting everyone? Man I want to play something minimally realistic. And second, why do I have to fight a 50s vessel? Even if it’s a coastal boat, it’ll completely destroy your 20s-30s ship, it’s ridiculous.


The factions are totally unbalanced

You just have to see which ships are the most popular: the Americans are omnipresent because they are so overpowered.

And there are other factions, like the French, who only serve as big targets that are not fun to play.


I am no expert on Naval in game or naval warfare historically in reality but aren’t the ranges used in game just a fraction of what they would have been in real life? Weren’t those old WW2 ships firing over the horizon at the enemy?

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Don’t forget the servers may just randomly kick everyone out of a naval match for no reason -_-

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Yes. And the one I was on had a hilarious mechanical computer way down in the bowels of the vessel. It gets fed target bearing, estimated target speed, vessel heading and vessel speed and it will automatically train the turrets and keep them “on target”. Newer cruisers even had radar to get range and speed of target. All that info gets put through firing tables that describe the ballistics of a shell for a set of ranges and presto, out comes a targeting solution. Was it accurate? Somewhat. You’d still have to adjust for under/over.

So yes. They did have ballistic computers. Just not as good as we get in game ;)

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You have people who only play naval battles and they rather keep the smaller players rathern then giving them to Wargaming which has they own naval battles easy control and more ships.

They should also introduce recurring events such as “Battle of Jutland” or “Battle at the Doggerbank” where you can only use ships from the First World War.
I’m a big fan of the German High Seas Fleet and love those ships, but haven’t even played them in WT because they shouldn’t be up against ships and planes from WWII or after.
A WWI battlecruiser together with a Russian missile destroyer (Bravy) in one game is, unfortunately, nonsense to me and the reason not to play it. They should devide the matchmaker into eras.

This like the Mark 1 is not accurately represented in game

I’m wondering… when will they add working radars? (in “boats”). Or do they work, but are turned on by special buttons?

It’s failing because they think they can just rehash the Ground RB gamemode for naval but it’s impossible.
The current system basically means that a balanced match will only have battleships at top tier.

If you’re at BR 6.7 - you only have battleships. There’s no 6.7 PT boat, 6.7 light cruiser, 6.7 heavy cruiser and a 6.7 battleship in the same match - because it’s impossible to balance realistically… IN a basic PVP gamemode with caps.

The only way to save naval would be to revamp the tech trees once again and introduce more complex gamemodes with more dynamic objectives that would allow every ship type to have its own purpose and also make the gameplay more interesting by being less of a basic PvP experience and diversifying the naval craft you see, instead of it being only battleships.

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BR is crashed(but i enjoy because using 5.7 CA to hunt those 4,7 DD is pretty fun)

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BR compression and maps are why naval failed. It did not fail from Gaijin’s PoV as they print money from sales of premiums, but it is the least popular RB gamemode for a reason.

Spawning in is frustrating as you are instantly under a hail of fire and not able to do anything about it… unless you are the top BR ship in which case everyone else has to cope about it. The BR compression is unreal.

± 1.0 BR in naval means a BR 5.0 ship could comfortably solo 3 4.0s and a BR 6.0 could comfortably solo 3 5.0s. It’s like this throughout every tier. SO, naval should be restricted to ± 0.7 or decompressed to 9.0 maybe.

Maps also need to have island cover in spawn and plenty of tall islands that cannot be fired over, so we can play in cover instead of spawning in and hoping not to get focused.

Naval is messed up for

  1. RNG damage. Sometimes you can hit someone 100 times and they hit you 1 time and you die. It makes WoWS HP look good. Ground RB has same problem, but it is avoided by the fact you can never be hit if you play good, in Naval you just have to take it.

  2. Everyone can see everyone at all times even in RB due to lock on, even through walls.

  3. People can lock onto you through 3 islands yet you cannot lock on them sometimes in return. Endless fire on your ship no matter where you go due to lock on mechanic

  4. Built in aimbot means the worst players can still you hit at 10km range, coupled with point #1 and it’s snoozeville when they one shot you. Literally losing a battleship with 98% crew in 1 hit from 14km away because of built in aimbot over 2 islands.

  5. maps where u spawn literally infront of enemy, coupled with point #1 and #4 makes it a nightmare.

It is by far the most unbalanced and unskillful mode in this game. People may complain about balance problem in other areas of the game but no mode is like Naval where a T-80BVM equivalant is literally 6.0 vs m4 Shermans and everyone has maphack/wallhack built in so you can’t even flank it.


it’s the maps, there wouldn’t be a need to shoot at ships for minutes at a time and get no hits at 12km if they made it so spawn to spawn shooting didn’t happen

#3… this part I dont understand. The anti-air is COMPLETELY automatic and cracked out of their minds. HOW they havent been toned down is beyond insane to me.

Last game I tried to bring out a PB4Y and was shot down within 5 seconds of spawning in my own area… wth is that about??