Why my spaa lock on problem thread got locked?

You can see the trails the plane leaves in the air . My spaa locked to the ground . Happened with 2 other planes on the same match . I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I’m for sure annoying AF!

Because lifting problems or criticism in general is disliked by Gaijin?

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You’re too close to the building.

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It’s the only image I managed to capture , other time it just locks to a patch of sky underneath the plane …

I don’t know man but this sucks

Practice hitting aircraft without the radar help and you’ll never need to have to worry about radar messing up your aim again.

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It’s so hard bro . Especially at the br I’m playing the jets are too fast for me to free aim you know :/

If the aircraft is 1,000 meters away and going 1,000 km/h you’re not going to hit it without the lead indicator.

Lmafo skill issue, 1000m is prime range.

You’ve just gotta practice, if you’ve gotta group of friends create a custom game and you can practice shooting them down. More importantly you’re going to want to get used to aiming without radar for 3 reasons, 1. There’s zero possibility that low flying aircraft will cause your aim to be messed up, 2. You don’t give the aircraft a warning that it’s been locked by radar and 3. You’ll also was to intermittently turn your search radar off once you’ve already detected aircraft incoming you’ll no long give your rough location away with radar pings and you’ll have the full element of surprise when they fly past.

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Thanks brother . I will try my best .

It’s not much of a comparison to real players but to get used to the guns you can even practice in test drive to get your eye in, move around the map and the planes will fly by from different angles. Once your able to him them over and over without trying you’ll be half way to knocking player out on the sky. You’ll get used to it over time. The 35mm round speed is decent so anything under 1.8k gets hit pretty quickly. Your prime range is anything under 2/1.8km depending on how fast it flying and the direction.

Radar, especially in older systems and ground-based platforms, has problems with ground clutter. (In this case, the buildings in front of you, but also if your target dips behind or too close to the ground, some trees, a mountain, et cetera. This causes the radar to either lose lock, or still track it, but show the tracking box much lower than the target. (See video below for explanation of ground clutter and some of the effects.)

Other than free-aiming, which is quite tough at times, perhaps if your radar is still locked (and not flashing, or losing lock) then you can extrapolate the lead indicator. For example, if it is showing far lower than your target, just raise your autocannons higher so they look like they match the lead indicator, just higher than it is showing.

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