Why my Mirage IIIE wings break so easilly?

my wing (right or left) often rip apart when I turn on with my mirage IIIE,
it’s generally when I am really fast , but this just happend to me when i was ony arround 3OO km.
if this a bug ?

It has a tendency to rip when just under mach, especially if you hit airbrakes. It doesn’t rip at 300. Not a bug just mind what you’re doing. Mirage IIIs aren’t turnfighters, big delta big AoA doesn’t mean it good in a turnfight. You’d have to really try and rip… only tricky time is, like I said, just under mach… you can pull 13G+ and rip to pieces

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Okk thanks

Air pressure effects wing break, the lower to the ground you are the more air pressure there is.

As the other user mentioned airbrakes increase the pressure on the wings and thus results in more ripping. I’ve never had a rip at 300 km/h but I usually manage it when I make a hard turn going fast and low.

To avoid wing rip you either have to take off the new boosters modification or you have to fly knowing the limits.

How do the airbrakes of a Mirage III affect the wing-load?

Ask Gaijin, I dunno

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