Why mig 21 bison is 11.7?

I wonder why mig 21 bison is 11.7 but f20 is 12.0 . Ony in sim the bison is too strong but the f20 is “balanced”

how is it too strong?

R-73s and R-27Rs are pretty nuts at 11.7

The regular r27r are far from being “nuts”

in sim they are quite nuts, this is not rb, 11.7 bracket fights 10.7-11.3

yeah but it will get slapped at the 12.0-13.0 bracket

Better for one plane to suffer than for an entire bracket to suffer for the sake of one plane… beyond that, they’re going to have to add more brackets soon anyway


I still would argue that the F-20 is better than the Bison in sim

Pros and cons?

F-20- more maneuverability, bleeds less speed, more thrust, 1 or 2 more missiles also better guns

MIg-21 Bison- R-73/27 HMS, Bleeds speed, less top speed and only 4 missiles

Also the Aim-7F is objectively better than the basic R-27

also the F-20’s radar is better

Why would you join a 11.7 match in a 10.7 bird?!?

11.0-11.3 is very popular

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That’s literally the loadout of Mirage 2000C at 11.7, though that has a better airframe over the Mig-21Bison.

Because they realised it was stupid adding a soviet aircraft to the British TT so to incentivise sales. They buffed it by dropping its BR down.

Then fly on rotations where 11.3 is max.:


So we get the chance to do this 2 rotations out of 4.

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In sim, 11.7 faces 13.0 the majority of the week.