Why j6k1 should engage with jets

Hello .
i have been playing with j6k1 for more than 1 years .
it was 6br (realistic) but after some months you changed it to 6.3 and now its 6.7
its mean when you play with this j6k1 its more than 70% chance to be in battle with jets .
this (j6k1) is a nice air , have nice guns and good turn but you dont have speed at all to play with jets in this high chance and fight with them
i think 6.3 was balance.
please change it ty


And it spends more time to find a play in 6.7 , this makes me dont want to play it anymore cuz I hate watching the hanger allday

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Its a char 25T situation.
It went up, all the bad players dropped it, leaving only good players using it.
Thus it performed well.
And is going up again

Partially my fault probably lol
70% WR and 5 KD and also printed a huge load of SL with it