Why is ZBD86 8.0 when it belongs to 7.0~7.3

Today, after 580 battles (and terrible K/D ratio of 0.82), I aced the ZBD86.

Coincidentally this also was the first time ever I got to use it’s tandem missile on ERA, since vehicles that actually use ERA around 8.0 are quite rare and 2 of them are on china so you don’t end up fighting them.

This is what I had to get through, it barely stops high caliber HEATFS with these stats and most missiles should go straight through. But guess what? It blocks the HJ73E tandem ATGM apparently, completely, no damage done to the tank.

If the shot went through, it would have probably been absorbed by the frontal fuel tank but that would have been damage which is infinitely better than doing absolutely nothing.

I can take the horrendous missile physics and the awful launcher (these features are at least funny), and the downgraded HEAT shell isn’t a huge deal, but the missile somehow being worse against ERA than a regular ~500mm pen missile is just too much.


Btw the only tandem ATGM in game is the Kornet, iirc. None of the other ‘tandem’ ATGMs actually function as tandem ATGMs.



all the tandems works like the kornet…

I mean, it used to be 7.3, but I don’t think 6.3s enjoyed facing HEATFS / ATGM slingers like it, especially at long ranges. I think it was fine at 7.7. Not too sure why the BMP-1 and the ZBD86 went up to 8.0.


Both 73mm cannon are terrible, specially at this BR, BMP-1 was only of the few things that could face the heavy of the heavy at 7.7, but naaaah, move it to 8.0 it’ll be fine.

I think BMP-1 could stay at 7.7, but if in some point at time the entire GB gets decompressed and going to max. 12.7 BR and BMP-1 stays at 8.0, there’s not much difference between when it was 7.7 and now. Same as ZBD86.

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I tested the following nine tandem ATGMs on the UFP of the T-80BVM through the protection analysis: TOW-2A, 9M133, 9M123, 9M120, GP125, Spike LR2, 9M119M1, ZT3A2, APSO3.

Of those nine ATGMs tested, only the following three ATGMs actually could pen the T-80BVM’s UFP: 9M133, 9M123, 9M119M1.

All nine tandem ATGMs should be able to pen the T-80BVM’s UFP, but only Russian missiles can. Curious.

As for live gameplay, I refer you to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nlyPdAShqQ

  • TOW-2A - 1:03
  • 9M120 - 2:20
  • 9M133 - 2:08

Or this video (tests the T-90M’s Relikt): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x39vhxMuo_k

  • TOW-2A - 0:20
  • 9M123 - 1:15
  • 9M120 - 1:37

6s reload for a 300mm of pen HEAT for both 73mm cannons is not too bad. You can definitely penetrate most heavy tanks with that. The only problem I’m guessing is the poor muzzle velocity and using it in full uptiers, like 9.0 and such, where composite armour and ERA are more prevalent.

well, the issue is that youre using the relikt as test, but tandem doesnt work on them, you actually have to go trough it with just penetration, for example the chinese hj 09 also goes through the era since it also pens 1200mm like the kornet and the khrizantema, but like i said all works the same way it is just that tandem doesnt work with relikt

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I would assume it’s because it uses the most effective ERA ingame, and the Kornet is basically known for being able to pen everything. Not to mention it’s still quite a strong hull on the T-80BVM platform that offers decent chemical protection as well.

No ERA is tandem-proof irl, in game it should be the same.

Nah the cannon is the best feature of the BMP1 and it’s variants. Without the autoloader it would be kinda shit though, not completely useless but type 63 is an example of how it would perform (it’s quite bad)

HEAT is still a very common sight at ~6.0, and they even added the pbv501 to spam extra hard on poor WW2 tanks. Most of the artillery wagons are also now there to instantly annihilate anything that doesn’t have 60mm+ armor on all sides, they make old HEAT slingers look weak

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it is, in game… all atgms in game acts like non-tandem atgms against the relikt, again russian tandem atgms works like all other tandem atgm the only difference is that they pen more thats all, they are still affected by the relikt just like the tow 2a is.

it is fine where it is, maybe you could bring it down to 7.7 but 7.3 and 7.0 is way too low, at the end the bmp1 is also 8,0.

How would 7.3 be too low? Currently we have a BMP without a missile launcher at 6.7, it’s so far from the normal BMP1 that it can’t even encounter one in a full uptier.
And you’re saying that a vehicle with a weaker shell and the choice between using a missile identical to 9M14 (unsurprisingly this works perfectly but it is MCLOS) and a missile that tries to go to on a vacation instead of hitting your target doesn’t belong somewhere in between the swedish and russian BMPs?

the only difference with the russian one is the atgm, which is less useful at close range than the one on the bmp, but at longer ranges the chinese one is just better, there is simple not that large of a diference between those 2.

Vero false.
Without autoloader your reload can be the same (without aces or experts) and faster if you put anything into aces or experts.

i would say that without the auto loader they reload much faster

I think its clear that I was talking about in game situation.
All reloads, autoloader or not can be faster IRL.