Why is ZBD86 8.0 when it belongs to 7.0~7.3

How? The missile moves so slow that with most vehicles you can easily just move out of the way if you have any idea it’s coming, you can also do this accidentally in an open field since the missile can’t handle turns for shit. It is technically usable at a long range, but it sure ain’t even close to the performance of 9M113

Yes, it can be faster without the autoloader and BMPs even had their autoloader removed because it was a piece of shit and just another mechanism that will break down. In the game this means 5s reload at best, which is not bad at all if you can somehow keep the poorly protected gunner in good condition. Autoloader in the game is basically the same as having an unkillable loader so it somewhat depends on how you look at it

due to its penetration, it makes it much more forgiven with the 500mm sometimes is not enough.