Why is the Type 74 (E) 9.0 instead of 8.7

This tank does not have outstanding mobility or reload or even gun depression. It does not have thermals. All it has is a lolpen round and a Laser Range Finder.

The armor is barely functional even then the side armor is atrocious.

Stop splitting apart lineups without serious and legitimate justifications. The lack of lineups leads to so many more balancing issues than just having a tank that’s a bit annoying at 0.3 less BR.


You have some serious understanding issues, tank doesn’t have to be outstanding to warrant the same BR as it’s contemporaries.
Also, you forgot about it’s adaptable suspension which grant quite a bit of gun depression.

Japan’s 9.0 lineup is better than 8.7 one.

Japan doesn’t have a 9.0 lineup

Situational and cumbersome to use effectively.

I presume you mean “warrant a difference” and I will counter it does.

“B-But fancy suspension!”

Is your eyesight legally impaired ?
One (or two) Type 16s and two Type 74s at 9.0.
Type 89 and 87 at 8.7.

Guess which lineup is better :clown:

Everything is situational when it doesn’t go your way.

Two very poor MBTs at 9.0 and one wheelie boy with no support vehicles or at 8.7 two support vehicles an SPAA and two functional MBTs

Not a hard choice.

Everything is situational until it isn’t. Labeling a niche feature as a definitive advantage is illogical. Yes it will allow you to do good things in specific situations. Those specific situations do not justify its placement.

So at 9.0 they are very poor but at 8.7 they are functional. You are pretty delusional, I don’t see the need to continue this conversation since all you do is spew illogical nonsense.

At 9.0 5/10 matches they will face 9.3 / 9.7 tanks

At 8.7 that drops to 2/10 matches

So yes very much so more functional

Data please or are you again trying to prove something with non-factual “evidence” ? :clown:

Higher BR tanks face tanks of higher BRs

I do not understand why you would argue otherwise

Leopard A1A1 is 9.0 with DM23
Type 74E is 9.0 with DM33 equivalent

Why are you complaining?


The 74E also gets a LRF while the A1A1 does not…

Comparable tank like T-62M-1 also at 9.0 BR . (lol-pen round + laser range finder and no thermal)

I agree with OPs sentiment

There were some corrections I agree with in the last BR changes like the OF-40 MTCA, TAM 2IP, Type 16P and PTL being uptiered but some 8.7 changes were horrendous. There was no reason to uptier the Type 74s, Leo A1A1 or T-62M these vehicles were already struggling because of the existing compression, I can only assume they were uptiered because Hans kept spawning his Maus in 8.7 games and went on the internet to complain about it.

And that’s just 8.7 tanks, the Leopard 1A5 and Type 74G are the same BR as the XM-1 and Type 16 despite not being anywhere near as capable.

T-62M-1 is overtiered for what it is, it’s arguably worse than the T-55AM-1, it’s just better in uptiers because of the ammo.

Yes as far as i’m concern high pen dart and Laser range finder are the only things that keep T-62M going around even when up tier.
If anythings those Top-tier stuff still need higher increase BR in my opinion. So a few others around 9.0+ can also be adjust.

It’s funny how most of the current problems can be solved by increasing the top BR further up.

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Sure if you completely ignore the differences in armor.

The Object 120 is 8.0

I think we can both agree that fire power isn’t the sole factor in regards to placing a tank at a specific BR range.

The 74E’s mobility and the A1A1 make it two very different tanks with two very different roles.

The round is not alone justification for its BR placement. Other tanks at other BRs have lolpen rounds, and this helps to make up for its atrocious characteristics. It fails to compete with the majority of other 8.7 tanks in Reload / Armor / Mobility. It excels at fire power. Gun depression without utilizing the suspension is quite poor, having to take the time to utilize an extremely niche game mechanic to achieve functional gun depression is not a general “positive”. Yes there will be situations where it is “better” but that’s like saying a tank is strong because it can hull down. At best you can label its gun depression as “semi-functional”.

It’s reload is exactly the same as every tank that uses the L7. Its armour is also basically the same as the A1A1, that is to say, it is basically just a suggestion for HEAT and APFSDS. It’s power to weight ratio is actually better than the A1A1 (19.6 hp/t vs 22.9 hp/t). Gun depression is equal to or better than the A1A1 with the suspension, and there is no reason to not use it. And this is on top of the fact it has a LRF and DM33 which the A1A1 does not get. You have nothing to complain about.