Why is the T-72B placed higher than the T-64B?

Armor and overall protection seem similar
Engine power looks identical
Same ammunitions

However, the T-72B has a horrible ass scope and loses that 1-degree of gun depression, which technically makes it overall worse IMO, how it is placed higher? Are there any hidden qualities it has over the T-64B I didn’t know?

Doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner.



gaijin lowered both T-64s because the T-64s are both just ever so slightly worse than their T-72 equivalents. However, while the T-64A downtier made some kinda sense, the T-64B downtier made no sense as its just 95% as good as the T-72B. Typical gaijin moment

If anything, the T-64B should be 10.0 and the T-72B should be 9.7 if it ever makes any sense, and of course deep down I wish both of them were 9.7 because I despise 10.0.

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Gaijin logic for Russia was likely t64 lower number to t72, drop the br

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That would make very little sense.

T-64B protection:

  • (Turret) 443-477mm vs KE @ 60° frontal arc.
  • (Turret) 871-931mm vs CE @ 60° frontal arc.
  • (Glacis) 444mm vs KE.
  • (Glacis) 1242mm vs CE.

T-72B protection:

  • (Turret) 571-610mm vs KE @ 60° frontal arc.
  • (Turret) 975-1120mm vs CE @ 60° frontal arc.
  • (Glacis) 544mm vs KE.
  • (Glacis) 1130mm vs CE.

The T-72B is essentially a T-64B that’s equal or better at nearly everything, I’m just not sure if a BR difference between them is justified given how the advantages of the T-72B are barely relevant in matchmaking though.


Because T72B is a little bit faster and have more hull armor

no… lol. that makes no sense