Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?


We have no current plans to introduce this vehicle as it has a non-functional mock-up turret.


No current plans doesn’t mean it’ll never get added tho. Its just like I said before, its not a hard no. I’m sure there weren’t plans 5 years ago to add the Pantsir.

Or I guess more relevantly to the topic of mockups there wasn’t a plan to add the Yak 141 years ago.

As there is currently no IR missile for the UK TT, or alternative for the very eh Stormer HVM (when it works):
I will keep advocating for it until it comes or at least an equivalent for the UK TT

It would be better to focus on other vehicles and suggestions for them, rather than this one.


So bits and bobs like Stormer 30, Stormer AD, Tracked Rapier, VERDI 2 etc?


Played a bit of Stormer today, and much to my surprise; the missiles actually functioned. 3 of 3 helicopters launched at died, and only 1 Su-25 required a second launch to kill.

Here’s hoping it’ll get even better without requiring FTL connection to the servers.

Other suggestions tend to fall flat or disappear into the void.

Stormer AD was passed to Devs 5 years ago, yet the Brit tree is still without an IR SAM vehicle.

Tracked rapier only just got passed to Devs, so circa 5+ years before it’s added?


And in my experience, that is just the Su25 and not the starstreaks. I had one tank a Skyflash a few weeks ago


Yeh the su25 normally requires a second hit to take down, i try and aim for the wings/hull and that can normally 1 shot them because the wing is completely removed, the other aircraft i find requires multiple hits 2/3 are the KA50 and AH64 apache. The A10 extremely rarely needs a second missile, normally a center mass shot and both wings fall off.

I think the Starstreak is probably the most reliable missile vs the SU25 because it requires the Direct Hit, I think incorrect proxy fragmentation is artificially making SU25’s armored plates more effective.
Don’t get me wrong its still too beefy relative to other armored CAS planes (cough cough A10), but I think that’s most of the reasoning for it’s Missile Absorption Abilities.

my adats has no issue with it

Strange because even my ASRAD has no issue one hitting su25s 95% of the time.

Well, the other Su-25 that match ate all three projectiles and turned into a wingless and tailless fireball, so something is working correctly now.

It’s a roll of the dice. I’ve had a Su25 survive 2x Red Tops and also had one go down with a single SRAAM.

Lies, SRAAM can’t hit jack lol

The problem is you need to have the missile launch ahead of your aim point.

If you aim ahead of the aircraft, you would need to have the aircraft catch back up to your aim point.

@Gunjob would that be enough to implement LRF to Stormer?

Also another bit for the IFF, as the switch to trigger it is right here (It is a 3 position switch, middle does nothing, up IFF down LRF)


Nah sorry we cant use this picture as from our sources it doesnt have it … also why does the stormer need a LRF when all its armaments dont require it?

Thats what is used to range distance to the target, EO/IR cant measure distance by itself

Do russian jets with IRST use a laser rangefinder to calculate distance for their IRST targets?

Short answer: yes.