Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

Classified, Mach 3+ as brochure

There is none as the computer automaticly leads the missile for the crew, all the gunner does is lock the target and fire, computer does the rest

Alright. I had heard something about a lead indicator in itself. I guess that was not true then. We should have a lead indicator anyway if they are not ready to implement automatic lead.

Not like they are not ready, they need the footage of the computer doing it, like a footage of the station where gunner fires and does not touch anything else (as you can imagine, hard to get)

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So the primary sources would not be enough if fully automatic engagement is mentioned? (primary as in sense of documents from manufacturer)

That is becasue the sources say High degree of automation provides a fire and forget system capability and automatic target tracking and engagment providing fire and forget capability.
The devs are not sure what that means (yes a excuse)

we’ll have to see what gaijin do but it’d be nice if we had some info on its separation so hitting aircraft under 1km isnt based on luck

Anyone having major phasing issues? Cause I am.

Can’t say i am personally, I’ve shot down over 100 aircraft the last night couple of nights and I’d say out of 70 shots 2 i can say for 100% certainly they went through the aircraft.

Well, the phasing got fixed sub 100 ping, if you go over 100 ping, you will be phasing

India 2S6 9K33 SA13


It still happens that the missile passes through the planes without doing anything? I say this because I have always noticed that the server does not recognize more or less half of the shots from the 20mm tank cannons, for example when playing with the marder a1 I shot an M109 in the front of the turret, and the game didn’t recognize the damage until almost when it killed me, about three seconds without causing damage.

Lets just add them out of spite along with this. BRDM-2 TEL (Kentron)

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Explains alot, mines 50 max

They never outright said no on ZA HVM, only that at the time there was no plan to add it. They’ve added more egregious “Mockups” and Paper vehicles than a vehicle with working Weapons, a working chassis, and a mockup turret. Its not like they stopped because they couldn’t do it. They stopped because they no longer NEEDED it.


Nope, they did say that they thought it was a real spaa, but later realised it is a mockup, so gave up on it

That doesn’t mean it’ll never be added tho. If the need ever arises for another high tier SPAA (I’m pretty sure the missiles it uses would put it at least 10.7-11.0) or if we CONVINCE them well enough, I’m sure they’d be open to adding it. They just need to get over their fear of adding something fun and within the meta the the UK tree.

Well, there is a way to find out.
Hey @Smin1080p, hope you are having a good day, can you dispel the doubts about this topic. Is there a chance for Rooikat ZA-HVM/SAM/SPAAM to appear in the tech tree, or we will never be able to enjoy it?
This thing


As long as he doesn’t respond, I can hold hope.

Dont worry, He will, He always does. The only thing you never know when, as Smin has multiple places to be at the same time, con of being a CM.

Ah I think I see some confusion.

When I said “Its not like they stopped because they couldn’t do it. They stopped because they didn’t need it”. I wasn’t talking about Gaijin, I was talking about South African development of the vehicle itself.

Rereading your response makes it seem like that could’ve been a point of confusion in our conversation.

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