Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

Would be handy to have. Hitting aircraft with the stormer is really hard, especially with no prox fuse either

Maybe we should start collecting sources that mention the lead indicator, so we can make a bug report for it. I can start looking but i rarely find any primary sources. Also what i don’t know is can information from ukraine be used as source? And are their system upgraded from what we have ingame? It might be feasible to find someone who operates the system and ask them as it could maybe qualify as expert opinion - but due to how recent the war is i dont know if they can be used as a source.

Worldwide Equipment Guide isn’t considered a reliable source by Gaijin.

Documents from the MOD put Starstreak speed at Mach 3.3 - 3.5.

It’s more likely that would need to be a moderated suggestion rather than a bug report. Unless there are other missiles that have a lead indicator already

I think, if it was a suggestion it would be a general suggestion for all the missile spaa that should have the missile lead indicator while if it is an individual suggestion because the stormer hvm is missing the lead indicator it should have it could be made as a bug report but the tech mods would choose wether to report it as a bug or make it as a suggestion - i reported something and they said “reported as a suggestion”. Also, suggestions seem to take way longer to be processed and considered - a tech mod suggesting it directly might save some time

Potentially, yeah, it could be either, Im just wondering if they would ever consider adding it for only one SAM system though, thats all.

We have like 2 sources stating it has automatic aiming, but sadly nothing to be done with it yet

Maybe stormer hvm could be the first one to receive it, or they would implement it for all which would take more time as they would have to figure which sams have lead indicator - or if automatic engagement is a ground for lead indicator…

Anyway, i guess there is only one way to find out which is trying. If you find any useful documents, try to archive them somewhere and ill do the same.

@Gunjob as ukrainian military personnel are operating the stormer hvm, would their opinion be considered an “expert opinion” if they were to talk about the capabilities of said system? Would their opinion be helpful in a suggestion/bug report?

I cant send here Pdf :/ but i have 2
Give me a sec so i turn them into screenshots

You can upload them to mediafire MediaFire - File sharing and storage made simple

All i have, and also enough to have, as they are 2 manufacturer brochures, so 2 primary sources
Oh yea, also STAIRSC is here, im blind hehe

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They have their fax listed. I wonder if they would answer any questions we might have…

Well, if you are brave enough then you can contact them simply by mail. They might answear whatever you want from them, but they are not obligated to do so
that is a automatic red flag


If you mean email, i tried to contact raytheon earlier but since my email is as inconvincing as my Gaijin name i didn’t get any good results lol.
If by mail, i could try this.


Well, im still waiting for a reply from BAE on my email, hehe

I remember once someone asked on Thales Defence’s Twitter about the thermal imager that the Stormer HVM uses.


How long have you been waiting for?

2 months (yea i know they ignored me)

Yes, it was used in a bug report.

Alright. Twitter seems to be a possible way of contacting them too. Do we need to know anything else other than the missile max speed and the existence of lead indicator? If they reply positively without supplying documents, is that considered a primary source anyway or just expert opinion?