Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

I’ll check it when I get home, I usually have a ping of around 30 so best case scenario for the stormer.

Assuming I’m ever released from meetings which could have been emails of course.

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Good luck doing so

As far as I know the change for Starstreak isn’t finished/live yet. If there is news on that front I’ll be sure to let you all know.


I was just going off this :

  • A bug that caused a difference in the position of missiles on the client and server has been fixed. (Report)

Starstreak is special. It was bugged long before that was a thing, so a different fix is needed.

This effects proximity fuses which we already had an argument over the Starstreak, very specifically, not having (it along with Stinger E and ATAS are the only non-ATGM/AGM missiles that have no proxy fuse). After playing around with it the Starstreak feels no better and maybe even a hair worse if anything but then again the thing is so bad as is it’s hard to truly tell.

120 ping steady. Far from theoretically perfect but not worse than the average, and still wouldn’t account for non-maneuvering Su-25s to eat the darts whole.

I just played a game with it…

Considering I have a pretty consistent 30ms ping on EU servers, I shouldn’t be having issues on that end.

But yeah, launched 10 missiles, one missed, nine phased through planes doing nothing. Either incredibly bad luck, or they’ve managed to make it even worse.

Wait they’re actually doing something about it?

I still fondly remember the single patch where the thing functioned (the same patch where it went from 50mm to 30mm pen on the darts and lost its HE capability).


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Are they just working on the dart phasing or will there be an update to make the missiles able to reliably track and hit fast targets?

As I mentioned above the missile has undergone performance tuning based on the reports submitted by myself using the documents sourced by @Flame2512 those changes have not yet reached production, I don’t have an eta on when they will but I suspect in the next major update. The phasing issue is also being worked on but is still WIP as far as I know.


So long story short for star streak is the system is going to be nerfed very quickly from this new document, but the issue making it near unusable is not going to be fixed for an indeterminate amount of time.

Sounds about right. Move it to 10.7 while you’re at it.

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So now we’re complaining about the missile being made as accurate to real life as possible? It’s literally impossible to win, first the missile is estimated performance (people mad). Then we get docs to more accurately represent it (people mad). Jesus pick a lane.


It would be great if they added Martlet LMM as a researchable modification.


I just find it funny that the phase through bug has been present for years, and is now worse than ever and has been like this for months now and is still not fixed, yet some crappy nerf is going to get thrown out before the biggest problem afflicting the vehicle is?

We will still be here complaining about this bug in a years time, and you can quote me on that.


To be fair, the phasing thing in the past was down to ping. Now, the current issue may well be related and just made way worse, but it’s not been broken like this forever as it used to work well for a couple of updates.

It feels like gaijin are balls deep in the sunk cost fallacy with it. Just one more fix, then it will be fine. Just one more, only for it to break again

I’m willing to see how it performs with it’s various changes and fixes, it might be good! However at some point we have to give up on it and try something new.


I’ve already given up hope. Roll on next year.

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Can we get an IR system to bridge the 8.3 + gap XD

There is a perfect vehicle for this :

The stormer air defence.

Same chassis as the stormer hvm, but with a 25mm or 30mm cannon and 2x stingers.

Look at this bad boy

I would love it to be in game one day.

There is even more mileage Gaijin could get out of the stormer chassis too, how does a bushmaster and TOW equipped varient sound? :

The plethora of British light vehicles that could be added is quite something, it’s the major reason I was ticked off about the vickers mk11 when there were so many other better options.


You are not the only one. But according to Gaijin, Britain never used light tanks/IFVs/CRVs and therefore the only way for Britain to get those was to add South Africa…