Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

7km as per the Thales datasheet. I’m aware it says greater than 7km but the devs don’t model greater than figures. As there is no way of knowing how much greater than.

The forced explosion is the battery running out on the missiles, it’s the games way of stopping guidance. Janky but gets the job done.

I’m guessing it’s an intentional choice/nerf so that it can’t reach out to helicopters with 7+ km range.

Pretty sure all missiles that hit their battery limits explode.

You don’t see it too often with A2A missiles such as sidewinder as they have 60 second battery and normally run out of energy well before the battery dies. Or will just lose the target and self-destruct. It’s more obvious with G2A as you’re watching the missile for the duration of flight.

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I still feel like they can use a stop gap solution for the star streak in general like increasing damage values or crit towards a certain parts of aircraft and helis

If the rods hit the cockpit it should be an automatic kill no questions

or if a small bush hides the tank for 0,1s f&f missles self destruct as well

Yeah the loss of track into self destruct had a small grace period on it. Where as battery limit is a hard cut off.

it has a grace period or had? because currently it still feels way to small of a period if their is any

This thread has been open since July but I didn’t realise just how long the Starstreak has been broken.
There is a definite date for the start and that is on the 6th of April 2022.
It’s been broken for over a year and a half! Dear God.

It has be wonky since its release. There were better and worse times.

Welcome to playing Britain

If that’s true then from the 29th of May 2019 it’s been broken. 4 years, 5 months and 22 days. And I’ve been playing Britain since December of 2018. This has got to be the longest running April fools prank in the history of gaming. At least it’s not as bad as WoT or WoWP. Wargaming really dropped the ball there. Greedy sods.

I was also playing wot, but i stopped when they added Scorpion G. Its addidtion marked for me the start of the greedy era we see in Wg now. When it comes to britain it is nothing new. Light tanks? 6 years? Phantom as a top tier? 4 years? Skyflash that is not bugged but does things that even the oldest shamans cant explain? Since release? APDS underpreforming? As long as i can remember. HESH? Its not going to work well.

Been broken since release, it was hard to even get any current changes had to it implemented. It used to have Gen 1 thermals that only got fixed because I ended up tweeting Thales and asking specifically if it was the Catherine MP thermal imaging system in use and they said yes 😂


Send proof so i can have a good laugh

I will see if I can dig it up it was sometime ago now

The fix for the phasing has dropped, will try it when I get home.

Its much much worse than it was. now it cant even kill helis anymore, just 100% phase trough rate

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Straight flying Su25, phased trough 4 times.
Hovering KA50, invincible, every fifhth launch hits.

My only hope is, that this AAA somehow gets presented in the USSR tech tree. Then it gets instantly fixed.

Edit: i know how to aim with this thing, my main AAA (or WAS)

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I really, really hope you’re joking. 🤦‍♂️