Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

Starstreak has undergone tuning as per the documents provided. The maximum engagement range has remained at 7km as per the Thales datasheet. The maximum overload has been corrected and speed loss during flight has been clarified.

Fixes will come in a future version.


Appache time

But the ultimate question… Are the Starstreaks corporeal or are they still only useful for hunting ghosts


Out of curiosity, what is the new maximum overload if you’re allowed to tell us?

47 instead of 60 iirc

Yes. Currently the darts can pull 60,they will be nerfed to 47.
But dont worry, you wont feel it. For me at least max g that i felt they do is 30

I’m not worried, I’m in a good mood as it’s Friday so I’m optimistic 😎

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That’s still WIP.


Tbh the reduction might make them less twitchy and easier to use… Just a theory.

I will be honest. It might be the case, but i feel like they pull 30g max. I just never felt those 60g ever

the first stage is the biggest issue it feels like the separation stage takes minutes for the darts to catch up and realign, for something thats pulling 60gs in test drive is damn struggles to get back on target,

For right now I just want them to fix the no hit registration BS, then the damage it does to aircraft and helis

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I feel this is more their poor damage models and not directly related to the Starstreak. The Damage models for planes and especially helis are extremely basic and quite old. Helis have a huge amount of empty space that shouldnt exist. Meaning a missile when it does hit, doesnt do much damage. Nailed a heli through the cockpit in a headon with the Chally 2 and just got a crit hit. That should have taken out hte engine if nothing else. Not too mention probably killed the pilot.

Chopper and cold war aircraft damage models definitely need some refining, all their computers, redundant controls and electronics related to fighting should be modeled (if a starstreak flies up your optic, you aren’t allowed to laser stuff, for obvious reasons).

But I digress, this is the Stormer HVM thread, not the ‘make better damage models’ thread. One can only hope the quantum tunneling Starstreak missile is eventually fixed to function according to large body physics instead of sub-atomic physics.


To be honest, what really matters about starstreak is performance of IRST and collision model of darts. IRST can’t lock target in muddy background,constantly lose lock in low altitude, and sometimes lock box keeps shaking which make it impossible to hit target. And darts may go through target without a hit(may cause by players’ computer out of sync with server) or just a “hit”. I wonder whether there will be a fix about these problems

There are reports in for various aspects of that;

[uk_stormer_hvm] Stormer HVM’s lock is unstable
[uk_stormer_hvm] Missing IFF
[uk_stormer_hvm] Detection and Acquisition Range Too Short
[uk_stormer_hvm] Unable to track targets clearly visible in the optic and in range
[uk_stormer_hvm] Stormer HVM sight zoom and sight FOV should be reconsidered
[uk_stormer_hvm][germ_wiesel_2_adwc] Incorrect IRST search zone values

Safe to say other than the missile performance there are still some issues that need to be worked through.


honestly, the game needs a mayor patch thats only concentrated on fixing bugs and models of broken vehicles no new fancy feature or a lot vehicles, just fixing stuff and repairing the game for once


I have flashbacks from Rainbow Six Siege XD

Yeah, agreed. It would have been nice to get some top tier stuff in any of the recent updates. But it would have been equally nice to just have the things we’ve got fixed.


So what is the starstreak range now
5km ?
7km forced by explosion ?
7+ ?
10km ?


Range remains at 7km, which is the minimum possible really but we can have that fight another day. Range is almost always going to be classified so it’s a bit up an uphill battle.

If we ever get the LMM, there is a wonderful video of a LMM being used to ambush an unsuspecting helicopter, so we can calculate a floor for that range based on the sound.

Might do it later while I’m waiting for a pull request.

Edit - 13 seconds, so the absolute minimum range is 4.5km. It’s obviously higher than that, but it gives us a floor.