Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

Gaijin already cannot get it to hit something that moves without the missile phasing through it.

There absolutely no chance they could get it to work whilst the platform is moving too.

@Smin1080p any news you could share about the embarrassment that is the British anti air situation? Planned replacements? Bug fixes? I’m coping right now (please play Britain people)

I don’t think the platform moving would do anything. But if you don’t want a good platform for LMM then that’s ok too.


I answered this just a few days ago: Why is the Stormer HVM so bad? - #1203

The Stormer matter is under developer investigation. Its simply just a complex matter that requires deeper checking. They are very much aware of the reports and looking into them.

The gap this has left in the British AA tree cannot be unnoticed by those who plan the Tech Trees.

What’s the limit on how long this is allowed to be a problem, so far, 1 year. How long are we waiting?

There has to have been some considerations by now to bridge this gap?

Hello Smin, i have a question, can you look up at mine suggestion about LMM, and tell me what else do i need to provide for it to be accepted?
Can drop a raw here if needed, it is currently stuck in the not looked at void for a month


As far as I can see, it was not accepted.

At any point with suggestions, you can contact the suggestion moderators who will be able to assist in helping rectify a topic and what it needs to pass: Who is who and Reporting Procedure


Then why is it stuck here?

also thing i needed to provide is history/information. History i gave all relevant things, as FASGW h is irrelevent to FASGW l (lmm) and information all that is unclassfied


The silence around the subject speak volumes, there are community members actively searching for solutions and stopgaps that are incredibly appropriate yet nobody has the decency to answer a question with any value. Not even the courtesy to refer back a suggestion. Disrespectful.


Dropping a raw here, will appreciate any feedback
Reminder that everything here is from public unclassfied sources. I do not have anything against anyone using things from it, but please do not C&P and claim it is yours.

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Alvis Stormer HVM is a vehicle known for firing a unique in its design Starstreak missile. However, the 3 darted menace is not the only missile that the Stormer can threaten its enemies with. There is another one, a missile that is as deadly to ground targets, as it is to the air targets.


Lightweight Multirole Missile

Every great thing has its start, so let me explain its development to you.

  • The Lightweight Multirole Missile was initially conceived as Thales’ response to the MoD’s FASGW(L) or Future Air-to-Surface Guided Weapon (Light) requirement. FASGW consisted of both a heavy and light system. The light requirement was to be a new weapon optimised around defeating fast-in-shore-attack-craft. Yes, the missile started as an anti-ship missile, however the multirole idea was with the designers from the start, causing the missile to evolve into a threat to both air, ground and sea targets. The program started in year 2009 and the first version of LMM was presented to the MoD in 2011.

  • Thales submitted a redesigned Starburst missile which would maintain the use of a SACLOS guidance system as means of overcoming the tight rules of engagement present in in-shore waters and ensuring continued effectiveness against low-reflectivity targets. However, during the later stages of the development many different configurations were created.

    This kind of modular approach allows for the missile that is best suited for any mission that it is given to it.

  • The missile was designed for use from very small platforms, including airborne UAVs, weighting only 13kg and with length of only 1,3m, and has zero recoil when fired.

For the sake of this suggestion, I will focus on the SALH/LOSBR version of the missile, the one used on the Stormer HVM. This version of the missile was first showcased in 2019.
The missile in this configuration has a laser receiver that is the same as that in the Starstreak missile, making it compatible with all launchers capable of shooting Starstreak, and the tube it is stored has the same dimensions allowing for easy integration with all types of launchers, Stormer included.


Unfortunately, the LMM is a very recent missile, making some of the statistics classified. However, using sources publicly available, I was able to provide the rough data of the missile.

Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: Length 1.3m, Diameter 76mm
Guidance type: SALH/LOSBR Can be changed before launch to increase the hit probability and lethality.
Speed: Over Mach 1,5 (510 m/s)
Maximum effective range: 8km
Propulsion: 2 Stage Solid fuel, Low Smoke
Maximum overload: Around 35g, steered using all four front canards, seeker and canards are on a bearing that slows/negates their rotation compared to the rest of the missile.
Warhead: Dual purpose 3kg Blast Frag/ Shaped charge (Capable of destroying both air and armored targets, similar to MIM146 present in game, the most likely penetration would be around 600mm)

Fuze: Impact and Laser Proximity.



Here are the pictures of Stormer HVM with LMM loaded in its launcher (LMM has a beige cover)
2 Starstreaks 6 LMM
4 Starstreaks 4 LMM



Martlet (missile) - Wikipedia
Martlet (Lightweight Multirole Missile) - Think Defence


As I mentioned, please contact the suggestion mods who will be able to assist with the process.

Yea, did so already

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As I am not directly involved with the day to day approvals of suggestions it would not be right for me to comment. Hence why I have not. We have a dedicated team of suggestion moderators who are able to directly assist with the suggestion making system and provide guidance for all steps of the process and assistance.

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The one I am seeing that was rejected was from Dec 23rd, so the one in your screenshot above has not actually been rejected, but is in the pending queue.

Ok, well still asked for the rejection of the current one, will look around for more History/Information again and try again

I dont think the current one has been, its just in the approval process. Which is why I directed to the SM mods who can help more with it.

I just realised the thing that i posted is lacking a crucial part (mention of a bearing separating seeker and canards from rest of the missile) so it needs update either way

As a community manager are you not acting as middle man for the community and developers?

Because currently we are at ‘just wait’

This is the highest BR SPAA in the British Tech Tree

Respectfully, do better.

Smin is a bridge, but he said, he is not part of the Suggestion crew.
When it comes to starstreak bug, well, both us and Smin are stuck untill devs say anything

I am indeed and am endeavouring to pass all of the information I have at hand along back to you guys.

I cannot personally fix and resolve this issue myself (as much as I wish I could) and it is by its nature a hugely complex matter that the developers are investigating as deeply as possible.

Appreciate its a frustrating matter, but unfortunately venting at me personally will not resolve the issue at hand any faster. We are passing all of the information on from reports that have been submitted with files, videos and further evidence. Everything that can be done to resolve the matter, is being done.


Off topic question, but is Community Manager a volunteer or paid position? Asking out of curiosity.