Why is the spo 10 can't detect I band from a F4S's radar in sim?

I have been killed sevral times whit aim 7s now whit out rwr warning (the spo 10 can detect H I J bands and has a track detecion) in sim but only in sim, this didnt hapend to me in rb.

Can i get ansvers ? Am i missing something ?

No reason, except GJ.
Not sure anyone can figure their level of reasoning and game design.
Nothing to do with reality, though…

If the F-4S uses Pulse Doppler mode the SPO-10 cannot detect it, it can only detect regular Pulse as far as I’m aware



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Seriously? What a braindead design decision is that?

If fired from more than 10 km you cant even see the enemy or the missile…
Being killed without any chance to react or even see it, is the most annoying and frustrating thing you can implement in your game.

Even if it is historically correct, come on. we have Gripens from the 90s in the game.

idk ask the russian engineers that made the sensor

2S38 is so modern it is not even in service yet
Mig 29 SMT is from the 2010s
2S25M is also from the 2010s

The Mig29 SMT is just an update of an early 80s plane. You cant compare it with new developments.
E.g. Typhoon and F-22 came ~2005.

The point is: From a gameplay perspective this is just ridiculous.

You’re playing simulator battles so… I don’t know why you have an issue with realism when the mode you are playing is literally marketed as a simulator


Yeah, well, except it has nothing to do with “realism”.

The Soviet air doctrine was heavily reliant on ground installations for target identification and flight routing. The idea was their huge arrays of RADAR stations would be responsible for detecting enemy flights, which would be passed along to vector fighters to intercept. Since the majority of the work was being done by installations on the ground, aircraft were generally equipped with very basic RADARs and RWR, which saved on cost and complexity.

So take it up with Soviet air doctrine. Or Gaijin, for refusing to model any sort of ground based RADARs or AWACs aircraft. Seriously, we’re flying F-15s and Su-27s completely blind like we’re still in the 1930s.

how isnt it?

Not only Russian: The F-14A early’s RWR for example also doesn’t detect PD, so especially M2000 is very dangerous at 11.7 for the Tomcats…


That’s a good trick to know if I’m ever in the F3 Vs an F14A


No. Um, what I said was wrong. Tomcats see everything promis! Better stay awayz!!!

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It’s fine…Brits are usually matched with the US. So it’s rare for me. But you just need to fear the pasta