Why is the Olifant MK2 9.3 exactly?

I mean its not like its well armored, or that mobile for the BR. Especially not to the extent of something like a Abrams or Leopard 2.

The only plus of it is the decent thermals, and DM63, which is NOT worthy of that thing fighting M1s and such. As DM63 in my experience is VERY inconsistent. and the Thermals are not a very good bonus due to how poor the FOV of the sight is when you use them.

IT was a okay tank when it was 9.0, But not worthy of being 9.3. I quite liked it at 9.0 because it gave you a decent alternative to the Chieftain MK10 if you wanted to go for more mobility, over just pure armor. But now? I don’t see the point. its no where near competitive in a Uptier, and its not even that good in a downtier. And even when it WAS 9.0 most of the time id take out the Chieftain no matter what due to how much more versatile the Chieftain is even in 10.0 games.

Cause; Good thermals, LRF, good reverse? Armor doesn’t really matter much.
Its been around long enough to have floated to that BR from the few who grind that corner of the Bit’sh tree. Small sample size = large effect.

I dont know

M1 and Leopard 2A4 are both 10.3. Why are you comparing this 9.3 to them? Instead look at the M48 Super and M60A3 TTS if you want to compare the Olifant to German or American vehicles.
The Olifant has slightly worse mobility but slightly better armour than the other two, 2nd gen thermals compared to 1st gen, and by far the best ammunition.

Thermals, speed, DM63… you called it.
Those are the reasons its 9.3.
There are worse things at 9.3 and some better things.

Same reason the MBT-70 is 9.3

It’s a late cold war tank

The larger issue is the 10.0 bracket staying at 10.0 despite everything at 9.0 moving to 9.3

Every 10.0 vehicle should be moved to 10.3, 11.3 needs to be moved to 11.7, 11.7 needs to move to 12.3

Gaijin’s compression of BRs is intentional and actively damaging towards the game’s health.