Why is the Imp.Chaparral 9.3 while the Strela is 9.3

Why is one single nation allowed to have advanced equipment a full BR lower than other comparable nations?


Because gaijin believes that 9.3 is where the Strela belongs, regardless of performance

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You’re right, the BR for all other nations SPAA should be lowered until reasonable.


Because Russian Bias.

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Strella got buffed after the br changes so we have to wait until the next round of changes for it to go up.

Almost every single Russian SPAA is 0.3 lower than the other nation´s counterparts, some are even 0.7 or 1.0 below where they should be (BTR, Praga…) and some nations don´t even get a counterpart (Germany/USA) while Russia gets a new SPAA every other major update.
You just have to deal with it.

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ah yes russian bias except its not
Stinger is an manpad while STRELA is a SAM

Yet NATO Stingers outperform the Strela regardless of designation and we have shown the necessary data that proves it.

Cope harder.


Hell no it does not so you can cope harder

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okay why are both at the same BR

ask gajin

Literal military documents prove otherwise.

Cope harder.

literally they do not seeing how effective they are on both sides in current conflict

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Ah, yes. Current conflict where the big Ivan nation has taken an absolutely obscene amount of losses from primarily equipment produced by them and sold to little Ivan nation.

The same conflict that has shown that big Ivan nation’s equipment can’t even hold up to it’s own older munitions, making it abundantly clear that in this game the Russian vehicles are so comedically overbuffed and overperforming it’s damning.

Russian Bias exists in this game. Blatantly so. Anyone denying it is either a damned liar, Gaijin shill or are so new to the game they’re genuinely ignorant.

Flagging my post because you have no coherent counter-argument is funny.


yeah hence this thread

Strela is 9.3 because, before the buff, it had horrible heli locking. Like 1km max heli lock. Now that it has the optical tracking, it will go up next br change. Chaparral had better heli locking, has thermals, and smokeless motor.

Strela will be at 9.7 most likely whenever they do their br changes.

Yes, but that’s a wait and see thing. If it happens then we’ll know.

I am just answering your question. They gave it the optical tracking after the last br changes so that was not something that was part of the info for moving its br.

Even after they nerfed the optical tracking, i expect it to still go up

Edit: forgot that the mim72E was the buff that the chaparral got. Prior, the mim72C was the top missile with the mim72A stock.

They added the mim72E like two days after to grinded to the mim72C. Luckly you didnt have to use the mim72A

Are you implyling the Strela is comparable to the Type 81(C)?