Why is the 7 Sector traversable if you're not going to allow the 8 sector to be passable


This map is too frequent for these failures.

Yeah lets just remove all grid squares in a map because we can’t go one further?

Since you’ve clearly never played the map before as saying this is so ignorant of the topography of the map that this is the only possible explanation.

Sector 7 is the top of the hill where you will be shot as it is viewable from all corners of the map.

Sector 8 is the backside of the hill where flankers can traverse without being shot from all corners of the map.

Removing Sector 8 removes the ability for flankers to play the map. This leaves only the city as a flanking route which is CQC and not a scenario every tank is suited for.

Restricting the map arbitrarily game mode to game mode is meant to add dynamic nature to battles but instead due to Gaijin’s incompetent map design simply causes repeated meat grinders as the only possible routes of attack are through open fields or cities with tight corners.

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I have played it multiple times


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People that have played the map presumably would understand the general gameplay flow I would not have presumed someone could have played the map and been blind to this reality.

You still need to state your reason. If I made a post saying “REMOVE P-51” with no explanation given, what would you think? That I’m a troll. So actually explain why you want changes and what changes you would like made

What I stated in the title post is obvious to anyone who has played the map and understands the game. I apologize that you failed to understand.

I apologize for your stupidity, I can’t be bothered arguing with a troll so have a nice day.

You blunder in to my post to complain that you don’t understand it and this makes me both a troll and stupid.

It was removed because people complained about people flanking to spawn camp. Same reason they screwed over fields of poland.

Have you seen your other posts? I wanted to know what your problem is, which you said was obvious. I might not have the same ratty playstyle that you have? Is that such a problem?

Gaijin’s choices in topography are inane I despise their layouts.

Removing the only open flanking position forcing every to cram in to a village.


You did not ask for clarification you misconstrued my post title to dismiss the original point stating that because I have an issue with two sectors it means I want the entire map deleted.

You did not come from a neutral point of discussion and I replied in kind. My first comment to you in this thread outlines my specific issues succinctly so that you would understand them with clarity. What I stated in the post title is obvious for players who have played the map. It takes many hours of War Thunder to understand player routes and commit them to memory. It’s how the game is.

Honestly, there are times I can just go around B and get into a great position. Maybe try that?
But yeah, same thing also happened to the alaska map. That was my go to spot :(

Between A and B is a killing field between B and C doesn’t have enough slopes to provide cover. Not to mention once you dedicate yourself to this flanking position you’re stuck there as retreating requires passing over open terrain a second time. Not good.

That’s exactly what the title states

I stated what you stated and you got mad, skill issue?

No, it really doesn’t.

No fking sht Sherlock

“Why is Sector 7 traversable if you’re not going to allow the 8 sector to be passable”

Remove Sector 7 should Sector 8 remain impassable so there is no wasted space.

Do you need me to rephrase it for you?

“Why can I move here if the place next to it I can’t”

Move where

What place

Where is the place next to

None of this is relevant, I was just rephrasing what YOU YOURSELF WROTE