Why is the 7 Sector traversable if you're not going to allow the 8 sector to be passable

You said if I wanted you to rephrase my post title. I’m asking you to clarify my point. “Move where” “Next to what place” “What place” Your sentence doesn’t state these things.

Neither does yours. What are you trying to achieve?

“Why is the 7 Sector traversable if you’re not going to allow the 8 sector to be passable”

Move where → Sector 8

Next to what place → Sector 7

What place → Sector 8 which is next to Sector 7

“Why isn’t Sector 7 traversable if you’re not going to allow the 8 Sector to be passable”

Why is Sector 8 disabled if Sector 7 is enabled? Disable them both.

So why would sector 6 be enabled if sector 7 is disabled → disable sector 6,

why is sector 5 enabled if sector 6 is disabled → disable sector 5. Rinse and repeat.

Ah I have played the new poland. The map is now useless. The furthest distance fights you get are right at the enemy spawn, basically the opposite of what they tried to do. Upper part, middle or lower part. All irrelevant as all parts of the map are walled of from each other by hills and buldings. Holding one side over the other; does not matter. This is now one of the most perfect World of Tanks maps they have dished out, second to Site 2271.

I really breaks my heart to see them turning the game from a fun tank game to yet another clone of WoT.

Because Sector 6 isn’t a flat open hilltop and has cover and flanking routes.

No it does not… It does however remove the ability of super fast light with the higest pen in most matches as well as the best tech for the BR (Rangefinder/LRF, Thermals and so on) to snipe from behind cover at max range against tanks which in some cases have neither stabs nor rangefinders. In lower BR`s the spots are useless due to the usualy 1.5 to 3km range at which they are viable.

YOu can flank perfectly fine onthe 6 and 7 line because it is literally a field filled with hill covering any tank most of the time. Anyone who goes for the 8th line is just a gremlin ignoring the objective to spawn camp.

It’s a silly topic really… if column sector is made untraversable “because” column 8 is not traversable, then why is column 6 traversable??

And so on ad infinitum on every map until there are no maps left at all!!

That is literally my point XD. Vamilad is just a troll

Restricting the map to 9.7+ BR would suit me just fine. The map is quite poor and only begins to be entertaining when everyone has modern tech.

Because Sector 6 isn’t a flat open hilltop and has cover and flanking routes.

Sector 7 is the area before the red line.

Sector 8 is the area past the red line.

The blue sectors are where ~90% of snipers sort themselves to trade shots with the equipment they have at w/e BR

The area past the red line is the only “secure” flanking position which doesn’t run through the villages at the B point and puts you in the middle of the kill zone.

The area past the hill is open and has no cover. It is easy to defend against flanking targets by taking position in Sector 7 and using the hill to provide cover while you focus on them. Both teams can access Sector 8 equally. Whoever wins control wins that area of the map.

The spawns are both defilade to Sector 7/8, to spawn kill players would need to enter Sector 6.

Removing Sector 8 ruins the map.

So what? That’s not part of your initial argument - shifting the goal posts is dishonest.

You brought up Sector 6. My title post doesn’t mention Sector 6 at all, no where in this thread have I discussed Sector 6 except for in response to you and the other person who brought it up as a false argument to dismiss my post.

I bought up column 6 because your reasoning applies equally all the way across the map until you have no map left.

If you don’t like your own logic then resile from it!

“Sector 6 isn’t a flat open hilltop and has cover and flanking routes.”

Reading is a skill developed in early childhood it will help you well in life to be able to understand information.

Changing the goal posts when your argument is revealed as deficient is also a skill - but not an honest one.

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What goal post have I changed

It’s the same as hjnbnb was mentioning… Why stop at 7, we’re going to 6, then we’re going 5…

“Because Sector 6 isn’t a flat open hilltop and has cover and flanking routes.”