Why is SU27 the only jet whose engines are modelled inside nozzles?

Question in the title. What justifies this additional effort exclusive to the SU27 ?


As far as i`m concerned there is no engine modelled inside nozzles in Su-27 but they are indeed connected to each other

Yes, there is indeed a difference inside the nozzles of the SU-27 compared to others. I’m talking about the types of circular grilles at the very back of the nozzles. I don’t know the exact name; I’m not an engineer. But on the jets in Warthunder, it’s a jpg image that we can see when activating the afterburner, whereas on the SU-27, it can be seen even without afterburning (though less clearly, of course), and it’s clear that it is modeled in 3D. I hope I’ve expressed myself well!