Why is stacking boosters against 'the spirit of the game' and frowned upon?

What is this even? Boosters that snail either rewards to players, that players purchase or obtain and boosters that already expire within days even if you purchased them are now also against ‘the spirit of the game’ if you want to stack them even though the moment you do you already get faced with massive penalties as is?

From Reddit:

As I recently got the BP before it ended and unlocked all the boosters at once, I ended up with dozens and dozens of boosters set to expire within a few days, boosters I paid for by the way, but if I stack those to prevent them from expiring, a feature that the game offers with very punishing penalties already, suddenly you’re acting against the spirit of the game and it’s frowned upon as if you’re a bad person for doing it?

Getting around the grind is also a bad thing? EVERYONE wants to get around this miserable soul consuming grind, stacking boosters however is not some sort of cheat, maybe don’t allow people to stack boosters if that is such a problem then… you’re likely going to hit the RP cap anyways, or the game ends too quickly to get proper rewards because for some reason that is a thing, which results in the majority of boosters being a waste of time anyways.

That is what really should be against the spirit of a good game design to not artificially reduce people’s rewards and then get upset when they stack boosters for massive risk/reward to find any way of progressing faster with an RP system from 2014 despite the grind having multiplied several times since then without any RP gains.

And then when one of the many issues with the game prevent the player from actually playing the game, (an actual game bug that he went out of his way for to report with all the relevant information and proof) with all the boosters he just used, something everyone has experienced, using boosters he earned, boosters he bought, boosters he paid for… instead of reimbursing him, or even just showing a shred of sympathy, he should feel bad for even trying to do it in the first place?

What is wrong with this place.


The best part?

This has been posted so much all around discord and reddit that just now Smin has taken action in janitor duty to clean up the horrible response from KnightOfTheAbyss



Okay, so now we wait for the next out of touch comment to be made by someone because nothing is going to change.

Turns out the correct response wasn’t to apologize and correct the first comment, but to just hide it and pretend it did not happen.


“Is frowned upon”…lol, by whom exactly? Gaijin?
Expiration time on boosters shoukd be much longer than it is now…


Boosters should not expire at all, it’s stupid that’s a thing to begin with.
What’s next, premium vehicle rental?


I’d be looking at Knight merely using the incorrect term…

But Reddit you say…

Incorrect term? I’m pretty sure he said exactly what he intended to say.

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You think that, I think what I think, we need @KnightoftheAbyss to confirm…

I don’t think this is right, you don’t think this is right.

You’re right, I don’t think it’s right to come with complete nonsense as a response to someone’s bug report after losing 900% boosters due to a game bug, to dismiss it as a bug is a failure from a technical point of view as being unable to spawn into the game is clearly a bug, and to call it against the spirit of the game and frowned upon is a failure from a personal level.


my pleasure to do my part on the WTPU sub

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There’s a lot of issues with the issue tracker… Right now I’m reporting a bug that isn’t my report, and I can’t upload any files, even though it says I can to it because I didn’t make the report.

And I said this forum sucked for the whole feature-set that it had, and how conducive it was to mere complaint and bumping, with no moderation to actually control it.

But yea, that response is well off, there’s nothing wrong with stacking boosters, and you do get penalized, but it’s definitely not against the spirt of the game, especially even in this situation where the client has had an issue on loading the game.

It’s definitely a bad read, and the response needs to be actually changed and directed correctly, as it’s incorrect.

And Smin1080p directing it to support is the correct response because the player should be being reimbursed, but they can’t through the issue tracker.

The correct response because it is the correct response or because he found it on Reddit and felt pressured to do damage control?

It’s still not the correct response to delete it and pretend it didn’t happen, also calling it a one off instance is not true as it happens more, it’s happened to me, it’s happened to people I know, it’s just dismissive of the problem because there is no desire to actually resolve it.

The correct response is to take bug reports seriously and to forward them and not decide on the spot if something can be repeated or not because he has no way of knowing that by just reading the bug report, Smin is a community manager.

The correct response is to acknowledge what Knight said and correct him if needed, to explain that he is not a bad person for stacking boosters and it’s not against the spirit of the rules… unless of course that is what Gaijin’s actual stance is, which we don’t know as we’re pretending it didn’t happen.

Who even knows how he actually found the report… It doesn’t matter now because Smin has the right response, but still needs to clarify that the players issue isn’t really a bug, it’s a client issue and it’s a crash/hang problem, more than a reportable bug.

MANY bug reports on the issue tracker are actually client issues, people proclaim they are bugs and make a big scene about them as you have seen on the forums, in the chat, and no doubt on the issue tracker.

And by proxy Reddit.

The best one I have currently is the report that I’m highlighting where the main default controls actually conflict with normal plane controls. It’s been reported for months, and various times people have said that disabling the conflicting controls is the fix, but it’s not…

Yet the number of reports that have this ‘Oh I just removed the controls’ or the suggestion to remove those controls to fix it, and that it’s not a bug, is up there…

I posted on the forum about it, and literally no-one contributed. When you mention it to people they don’t actually notice the issue, until you really point them to it, then they’re all ‘omg that’s so messed’.

It’s like the tanks reversing and going left or right a while back where it changed the way it was going if you were in reverse… That took a week of pushing to get it noticed and fixed, but many weren’t noticing it actually happening.

As I said, I hinted I wanted to do something, and it wasn’t noticed. I have experience, but users here berate and decry you on the regular to be genuine assholes about things, proclaiming that you’re an asshole for merely pointing to things.

In the end the users suck, and I ain’t lifting my fingers other than to those who are wanting to actually be helped.

Oh yes, KnightOfTheAbyss…

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Likely the same way I did: searching the title on the search tab.

And likely got the title the same way I did: the screenshot that’s been shared has it.

They may have seen the reports from people reporting it…

It’s not likely he searches the reports just randomly…

Good! What a disgusting way to treat a community member! It’s actions like this that put faith back in gaijin after being left with such a sour taste in our mouths from one extremely unhelpful individual.

For people complaining about Smin’s answer :

While I always agree to tell gaijin when they mess up, his answer is actually totally normal. It IS hard to track a one occurence bug without logs or anything like that, so asking the player (s) to provide said logs next time it happens is totally fine. I have a very similar role than Smin in another videogame and this approach is totally logic.

On another end, @KnightoftheAbyss you need to question how you treat Gaijin’s customers, that’s shameful.

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It’s on the front page of reddit, that’s why.

It’s a report that’s been open for months without a response until just now.

Imagine waiting 2 months to get that as a response.


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And there could be someone merely mentioning to Smin that that thread needs tending to because it is wrong…