Why is it possible for Russia but not for other countries?

I have a question, how is it that Gaijn removes the Flakpanzer 341, which was built as a prototype, with a wooden tower that worked, and then adds the Kronshtad ship to the USSR, which was only 10% built, even the weapons for it were not built, only a little the hull was built, and after the war, what was left of it was sent to the scrapyard, so the conclusions are that if Russia is missing something at a given moment, it does not matter whether it was built or not, and you can add, but for other countries it does you can’t, of course I know that Russia didn’t have BB during WW2, but that’s not a reason to do something like that, you have to accept that a given country does not have certain weapons, and not break the rules because Russia is missing something, of course, if it continues like this something continued, I hope that Germany will get H-type ships, Japan will get A-150, and the USA will get Mk23 missiles for Iowa, after all, you can’t favor only one country forever, right gaijn?


Because the criteria for each type of vehicle ingame is different.

For ground vehicles the requirement for Gaijin to add vehicles is that the chassis and turret are built although this does vary occasionally. For naval the basis for reality is that the ship was laid down, this means the keel blocks were laid and construction started such as the Kronshtadt.

This benefits many nations including Germany who have some prototype destroyers as of right now and basically any nation outside of US and Japan later on when they have Iowa and Yamato of which Germany and the UK never built true competitors (Italy and France had fallen by this point and are essentially irrelevant).

When those ships are introduced Germany can receive the H-39 Class which was laid but never completed and Britain can receive the G-3 and Lion class battleships which were also laid down.

The issue with Kronshtadt is that because the guns overperform massively ballistically. IIRC they have a huge TNT filler for their AP/SAP shells which would compromise the penetration of the round and is completely made up but their penetration is around standard for the BR. Essentially the Kronshtadt’s guns ballistically overperform as they never existed and therefore limited data is available.

The Kronshtadt had the option to use the same guns as the Bismarck but Gaijin chose not to implement this and select a gun which never materialised which was a realistic option at the time but due to the lack of data, we have no idea how they performed and there is scope for imagination.

What should have happened was that the Kronshtadt used the planned guns with technical data available, the guns it has should have been realistic or they should have gotten the Revenge class battleship HMS Royal Sovereign which was loaned to the Soviet Union as Arkhangelsk and in-game would be a much more heavily armoured but slower HMS Hood.

There are exceptions to the general rule for gameplay purposes.

F-16AJ is a good example of this. Japan needed something potent and didn’t have anything really substantial until the F-15J (not ready) or the XF-2A (too advanced) so bringing a proposal to life made sense and actually works well, despite it being against the normal criteria for additions.

Don’t think I’ve seen a topic made in such bad faith just to make a “russia/gaijin bad upvote pls” thread

Rad 90 was an unfinished prototype with a Leo 1A3 turret unconnected on top with no drivers optics but added because germany suffers and needed wheels. Sea hawk Mk.100 was added as a premium with missiles it never used. One of the Italian Ships was unfinished, Etna I think. F-16AJ mentioned above was an export proposal and sweden running around with Mi-28As/T-80Us because… who knows and that’s just stuff off the top of my head

Russia bad tho


Terrible try to make it about russia/soviet union to having never finished equipment.

The first never finished ship was Italian ffs.

Commandanti Medaglie d’Oro class destroyer RN Commandanti Margottini

Next was also Italian the,

Etna class cruiser originally built for Thailand, RN Etna Ex Taksin.

Then came the Project 69 Heavy Cruiser Kronshtadt.

After that the german Type 1936C Zerstörer Z47 & Z46.

If you want to yell at any naval power yell at devs for the Imperial Japanese Army Type 5 Escort Boat qhich in it’s current form never existed due to being a hodgepodge between a metal & wooden design.

Still the devs have stated that due to how ships are built any ship that was laid down has a chance of coming no matter the level of completion.

So any nation could get a ship not finished, Hell I wanna see an as designed HMS Furious a Modified Courageous class Large Light Cruiser with 18 inch cannons, or the USS Lexington as designed as a Battlecruiser, Similar the WWII Ibuki class cruiser of Imperial Japan, The SMS Mackensen Mackensen class Battlecruiser or the Borodino class Battlecruiser or Project 82 Battleship among other ships.

Germany gets Z46 and Z47, two ships that were never completed, just like the Kron. It is not a nation specific thing, it appears that they have different standards for naval as opposed to air and ground.