Why is gaijin not developing british top tier naval

With the current dev server bringing yet another ship to japans already extensive 7.0 line up. while britians last 7.0 ship was added back in june 2022 dispite britain being arguably the largest navel superpower during this time period with many ships that could be added and have just not been put into the game.


i think i am going to make a list of ships that britan should get

There are many classes of early battleships they could pick from. To name some: Dreadnought class, Bellerophon class, St Vincent class, Colossus class, Orion class, King George V class, Iron Duke Class, Revenge Class, and Queen Elizabeth class.

The majority of these are early 20th century, as are many of the blue water vessels in War Thunder. They would fit nicely in the current tech tree and various game modes.

I would like to see HMS Warspite added

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this list dose not include hood due to it being a 1 ship class and being in the game already and has 19 ships that could be added with 14 inch and up shells and including the 2 lion class ships that were laid down but not completed


i would say the ship i want the most from the list is either a ship from the nelson or king george V class due to being diffrent looking to most ships in game

this is my full list of battle ships and battle cruisers with guns 12 inches or larger. this is a total of 46 possible ships they could add to the game from the BR of 6.0 and plus

You forgot Agincourt.

Anything that can kill and torture Scharnhorst is a good addition in my book


so we are now up to 47 vehicals and up to 60 if we count all ships that were planed to be built

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i mean if we realy want to kill sharnhorsts the n3 class would be perfect as acording to wikipedia the guns out did the yamatos 18 inch guns for pen.


All I want is to actually 1 shot scharn from 10KM

i would say a nelson class BB would do the trick 16 inche shells hit hard.

KGV I think would be a better start but we can’t have them before qe class. There is so much missing but it’s always been the way with the British trees. Look how much smaller the air and tank trees are over all. Britain has so much missing yet they’ve been around just as long as the top 3

well the KGV if you are talking about the 14 inch one had armor thickness only beaten by yamato if i am correct which may cause problems, but they have a massive amount of ships to pick from yet they seem unable to pick one given that it has been so long since any meaningfull changes to the top end of the tree.

Yeah. The performance on the KGV 14s were very good

Highly unlikely considering that the Britain was having serious problems with their guns after the 15-inch. And also the N3s guns were never made meaning we only have theoretical values to go by.

i think it would be possible to calculate approximate stats for the guns and you would most likely have to do some approximations for the yamatos guns as finding data on anything japanese is quite hard and the n3 class would be the only thing that could compete with yamato.

You kind of can’t. The immediate post-war British guns had a tendency to be underperformers, even after modifications. So while you could guess what the numbers would be, you have to either use the original estimates, or keep in line with the performance drop of the 16" guns and make British players very upset. And the lack of any guns or other equipment built for N3 means N3 can’t come to the game even if Gaijin was ok guessing the gun performance.

And then, saying the guns are better than Yamatos’ is a bit of a misrepresentation. Japanese AP shells had an inefficient penetrating design in order to facilitate better underwater travel. But that’s a little off topic.

I think it’s less size and more shell type. I’ve heard that HE and hull breaching a scharn is more reliable method than ammo detonating. I think HMS KGVs 10x 14 inch guns (so no shell dispersal nerfs) with HE shells might be more effective than HMS Rodney with 9x 16 inch (which I’d guess would have massive dispersal) though I don’t know what shells it had

Its also a matter of who can survive scharns salvos better. I doubt you’ll ever reliably 1 shot a scharn

i mean navel is a bit of a a historical thing with russias best ship having armor it could only have had if it was made by a diffrent nation due to problems they had with armor production at that size. so i think it is fair to say that ships that were laid down at had been partly constucted can be brought to the game if we use the logic of the snail so the Lion class which 2 were laid down and while they would only have 16 inch guns it would be a massive ship.

But it just becomes a question of realisum vs fun aspect and adding ships that can match eachother.